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Marco Ruas:  Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Marco Ruas: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Marco Ruas?

Marco Antônio de Lima Ruas, better known as Marco Ruas, is a retired Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist, submission wrestler and instructor from Rio De Janiero, Brazil. Marco Ruas started his martial arts journey with Boxing, Judo and Capoeria with the famous coach Mestre Camisa in Rio de Janeiro at the Santa Luzia club in downtown Rio.

What this article covers:

Eventually, Marco found Luta Livre, an early style of no-gi grappling founded in Brazil shortly after Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and he began training under Roberto Leitão Sr, as well as in Muay Thai under Luiz Alves.

Marco would earn his black belt in Luta Livre and eventually participate in several cross-discipline matches, mainly against practitioners of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the 80s and 90s. In 1984 he participated in the Noite das Artes Marciais ("Night of the Martial Arts") event, where several Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners faced off against practitioners of other martial arts disciplines. At this event, Marco Ruas faced off against BJJ representative Fernando Pinduka and the fight went to a draw. 

Who better to learn MMA from than one of the legendary pioneers of the sport, Marco Ruas!?

Marco Ruas weight

After the match against Pinduka, he started training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu with Osvaldo Alves. Later he trained Joe Moreira before his fight against the Russian boxer Yuri Vaulin. Seeing his good skills in grappling, Moreira gave him a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and caused a commotion and controversy among his fellow Brazilians, due to the rivalry between the Luta Livre and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

Eventually, Marco Ruas got involved with the early UFC, making his debut with the then-young organization at UFC 7 in 1995, back when they were still using the tournament format. He firstly faced Larry Cureton, who outweighed him by 40 lbs, but Ruas submitted him with a heel hook less than four minutes into the fight. His next opponent was the judoka Remco Pardoel and Ruas was able to win this match by making Pardoel submit to strikes after a grappling exchange. 

Ruas's final fight was against 6'8", 330 lb Paul Varelans and Ruas won this match as well by ground and pound, making him the UFC 7 tournament winner. After this massive win, Ruas was invited again by the UFC to the Ultimate Ultimate event to be a part of its eight-man tournament with the winner receiving $150,000. In the first round, Marco Ruas defeated Keith Hackney by choke. In the next round, he faced off against Oleg Taktarov and lost the match via the judge's decision.

Ruas then join PRIDE Fighting Championships in 1998. For his first fight , Marco debuted at Pride 2 and fought against UFC veteran Gary Goodridge. Ruas won this match by winning with a heel hook after a 9-minute bout. At PRIDE 4 he fought Japanese shoot wrestler Alexander Otsuka and unfortunately lost the fight by TKO caused by a medical stoppage. 

Ruas made a return to the UFC for his next bout, facing off against former heavyweight champion Maurice Smith in UFC 21, but lost by TKO.

Around that time, Ruas started to transition from a fighter into a full-time coach, teaching his own "Ruas Vale Tudo" style for a new generation of fighters. Some of the people he trained include Pedro Rizzo and Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion Renato Sobral and continues to train fighters to this day. 

Who better to learn MMA from than one of the legendary pioneers of the sport, Marco Ruas!?

Marco Ruas bio

How Old is Marco Ruas?

Marco Ruas was born on 23 January 1961 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. That makes him 61 years old at the time of writing. 

Marco Ruas’ Family

Marco Ruas is married and has three daughters.

Marco Ruas’ Martial Arts Rankings 

  • 9th Degree Red Belt in Luta Livre Esportiva under Roberto Leitão Sr
  • 3rd Degree Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Joe Moreira
  • 3rd Degree Black belt in Judo under Vinícius Ruas
  • 1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo
  • Mestre rank / Red and White Cord in Capoeira under Mestre Camisa 
  • Mestre rank in Muay Thai

Marco Ruas’ BJJ Lineage

Mitsuyo Maeda → Carlos Gracie → Helio Gracie → Francisco Mansur → Joe Moreira → Marco Ruas

How Much is Marco Ruas Worth?

Marco Ruas’ estimated net worth in 2022 is $1.5 million US dollars 

How Tall is Marco Ruas

Marco Ruas stands at 6 foot 1 inch tall or 185 centimetres tall 

What is Marco Ruas’s Reach? 

Marco Ruas’ reach is currently unknown. 

How Much Does Marco Ruas Weigh?

When Marco Ruas was competing he weigh 210 pounds or 95.2 kgs. 

Marco Ruas Fight List

Marco Ruas’ official fight list starts in 1984 at the Jiu-Jitsu vs Luta Livre with his match against Fernando Pinduka. This match ended in a draw after 20 minutes. His next official match happened in July of 1992 at Ruas Vale Tudo where he fought against Francisco Francisco. Ruas won this match via a rear naked choke submission. 

Marco Ruas then competed at UFC 7 in September 1995. In this tournament, Marco Ruas won all three of his matches, the first two by submission and the final match by TKO. 

Marco Ruas then competed in the UFC’s Ultimate Ultimate event four months later in December 1995. In the first round of the tournament, Ruas defeated his opponent, Keith Hackney, by rear naked choke. In the second round, Ruas fought Oleg Taktarov and lost by a judge’s decision. 

Who better to learn MMA from than one of the legendary pioneers of the sport, Marco Ruas!?

Marco Ruas height

Marco then competed in the first World Vale Tudo Championship in 1996 for his next match against Steve Jennum with Marco winning this match by TKO. At the second World Vale Tudo Championship Marco had a rematch with Oleg Taktarov. This fight ended in a draw after over 30 minutes of fighting. 

Marco went on to fight at the fourth World Vale Rudo Championship and won that in his match against Patrick Smith by Heel Hook submission. Marco Ruas would also win by heel hook in his next match against Gary Goodridge at Pride 2. 

Ruas then fought against Alexander Otsuka at Pride 4 and lost by TKO via corner stoppage. Marco Ruas lost the same way in his next match against Maurice Smith in his UFC return at UFC 21 in 1999. 

After a two-year hiatus from the sport, Marco competed again at Ultimate Pankration 1 against Jason Lambert and won the match via heel hook sub. Marco then has his last match 6 years after his last one in 2007 at IFL: Chicago Against Maurice Smith once again. Marco Ruas lost this match via corner stoppage. 

Who Did Marco Ruas Lose to?

From his official fight list, Marco Ruas has lost to Oleg Taktarov, Alexander Otsuka and Maurice Smith twice. 

What is Marco Ruas Record

Marco Ruas has a total of 15 official matches on his record with 9 wins, 4 losses and 2 draws. This gives Marco a win percentage of 60 percent. 

Who better to learn MMA from than one of the legendary pioneers of the sport, Marco Ruas!?

Marco Ruas net worth

What Titles Has Marco Ruas Held 

Marco Ruas won many titles during his competitive days, including being the UFC 7 tournament champion. 

Has Marco Ruas Had Any Serious Injuries?

Marco Ruas has had no significant injuries worth noting here. 

Is Marco Ruas Retired?

Marco Ruas is retired from competition with his last match happening in 2007. He is still training and coaching fighters. 

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