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Rob Constance: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Rob Constance: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Rob Constance?

Rob Constance is a Renzo Grace fourth-degree black belt and prestigious MMA/BJJ instructor. Rob Constance currently coaches at the Renzo Gracie Academy Hoboken. On top of being an MMA and BJJ instructor, he is also a United States Marine Corps veteran and a former NYPD police officer. It is now Rob Constance’s goal to teach current police officers the arts of MMA and BJJ. Constance has also focused his skills into making self-defense more accessible to women. He has worked on programs for women that incorporate general Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fundamentals and other martial arts that translate into self-defense. 

What this article covers:

Rob Constance has trained under many of the Gracies including Renzo, Ryan, Ralph, Igor, and Rolles. During his time of training, he has competed in the ADCC trials, various super fights, and the New York State Golden Gloves. At one point, he also participated in a professional MMA fight through Reality Fighting. 

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Rob Constance age

Rob Constance has noted on his social media pages that he has once trained an Oscar Award Winning actress. On top of that, he also was featured in the film Bruised (2020). It is left up to the assumption that he more than likely trained Halle Berry for this film. The film is a story about a fighter named Jackie “Pretty Bull” Justice. Not only did Halle Berry star in the film but she also directed it. 

How Old is Rob Constance?

The date and location of Rob Constance’s birth are unknown. 

Rob Constance’s Family

Rob Constance seemingly keeps his personal information very private. There is no information on his childhood, marital status, or if he has any children. 

How Much is Rob Constance Worth?

Rob Constance has not disclosed any of his earnings in the past. 

How Tall is Rob Constance?

Rob Constance has not made his height known to the public. 

How Much Does Rob Constance Weigh? 

Rob Constance’s weight has never been posted publicly. The only opponent we know about in his fighting career is Antoine Jaoude and he weighs around 225 pounds. It is safe to assume that Rob Constance was fighting in the heavyweight division possibly at the time. 

Rob Constance’s Fight List

Rob Constance only has a record of one professional fight in his catalog. The fight was against Antoine Jaoude at Reality Fighting 2 in November 2002. 

It is said that he took part in Grappler’s Quest and NAGA at one point. He is also noted as winning the Florida State’s Heavy Weight Blue Belt Division. Although additional information is difficult to find, Constance at one point took part in the Abu-Dhabi trials, the New York State Golden Gloves, and various other super fights. 

Rob Constance's Best Fight of All Time

Rob Constance only has one professional fight under his belt now. The fight took place on November 2, 2002, at Reality Fight 2. He fought against Antoine Jaoude. They went the complete three rounds and Constance lost by unanimous decision. Although he lost, he was not submitted or knocked out. It is pretty impressive that he was able to withstand every round against someone who has competed for more time than him. At that time, Antoine had about a year’s worth more experience. 

Learn how to use the fence from long-time MMA Coach Rob Constance and DynamicStriking.com!

Rob Constance weight

Who Did Rob Constance Lose To?

Rob Constance only has one professional fight in his fighting history. He lost to Antoine Jaoude on November 2, 2002, at the Wildwood Convention Center in Wildwood, New Jersey. The event took place at the Reality Fighting 2 event. Constance lost by unanimous decision that day. 

There is no record of who he fought against at the Abu-Dhabi trials, Golden Gloves, or the Florida State Heavy Weight Blue Belt division. 

Rob Constance’s Record

Rob Constance has a fight record of zero wins and one loss. 

There is no official record of Rob Constance’s grappling competitions or boxing competitions. 

Rob Constance’s Injuries

At this time, Rob Constance has not had any notable injuries to this date. Considering that he has fought MMA professionally at one point along with his extensive career in MMA, it is assumed that he has experienced the basic injuries most fighters overcome. 

Is Rob Constance Retired?

At this time, Rob Constance is only instructing according to his social media pages. Constance travels around teaching seminars about self-defense along with general MMA techniques. Along with his coaching and seminars, he has also made instructional videos with Dynamic Striking. Constance uses his life experience of fighting to instruct on ideas such as fence work and appropriate ways to take your opponent down. 

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