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Troy Jones: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Troy Jones: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Troy Jones?

Troy “Trouble” Jones is an American born professional kickboxer and muay thai fighter. He is currently competing for the Glory Kickboxing association in the welterweight division. When Jones isn’t working hard to train and become his bet, he’s also a coach. Those who find themselves in Minneapolis, Minnesota’s “The Academy” have the chance to catch a class with Jones and to receive some world-level instruction from one of the best stand up fighters in recent years.

What this article covers:

Troy Jones didn’t find combat sports right away in his youth. Instead he focused on the traditional sports that are supported in public schools. He found that he loved the most physical of these sports, football, and dedicated himself to the turf early on. He played high school football successfully at Park Center in Brooklyn, he set his eyes on college ball.

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Troy Jones bio

The application process was never ending, but eventually Troy was accepted into Minnesota State and was ready to fulfill his childhood dream of playing college football. It’s a testament to his spirit and athleticism that Jones made it to the NCAA’s division II, where some of the nations most competitive games happen.

After graduating college, Jones continued to play traditional sports as a hobbyist, but he was looking for something else. He completed his time at Minnesota state in 2012 and by 2013 was ready to move on to his next athletic endeavor. He began training in the sport of Muay Thai in 2013 and found relatively quick success in the ring due to his size, speed, and physicality from playing football.

After some amateur bouts, Jones quickly turned the focus and dedication he’d honed in football to his advantage in both kickboxing and muay thai. He spent the next four years traveling and learning more about muay thai while he took bouts as an amateur. His dedication paid off, and he was signed to one of the world’s largest kickboxing organizations, Glory Kickboxing.

“Trouble” Jones made his first walk to the ring in his debut appearance for Glory Kickboxing in the spring of 2018. Although he didn’t finish his opponent this time around, Jones managed to easily outpoint Paul Banasaik at Glory 52: Los Angeles to win his Glory matchup via unanimous decision.

After making himself known with his win over Banasaik, Jones was quick to rack up three more victories in 2018, making him very active and resilient for a striker. First, he competed against Kit Ruddock at Mecca 12 in mid May and secured the victory by stoppage. He repeated this feat by ending Ariel Abreau’s night yearly in June of that year. Finally, Troy “Trouble” Jones capped off an incredible year in Glory Kickboxing with his fourth win. This time he put his opponent away even more convincingly, sending Casey Green hurling to the canvas in the very first round with a thudding head kick.

With four wins over the competition and three stoppages, including a head kick, Jones certainly had the attention of matchmakers. From here, his challenges would only get harder. He faced Omary Boyd at Glory 63 in Houston, Texas in February of 2019, again waiting a very short time between bouts. Again, Troy Jones won the fight over Boyd via unanimous decision, moving his record with Glory to 5-0.

Glory Kickboxer Troy Jones has joined forces with DynamicStriking.com to bring you his complete striking program!

Troy Jones weight

After an average layoff of about six months, which had become an eternity for the ever-active Jones, he returned to the ring in the Fall of 2019 to face Ammari Diedrick. Fans were curious if the time away from the ring would impact the young and rising star, but it proved not to. He again won the fight for the first time, this time with the referee calling a stop to the action via technical knockout.

Jones went into Glory 70 prepared to fight Murthel Groenhart for the interim welterweight championship, but doing so on short notice cost the challenger. Jones faced his first loss in Glory to move to an impressive 6-1 mark while he recalibrated and adjusted for the next fight.

He hopped right back in the saddle and over to a new organization to challenge Miguel Angel Padilla for the 170 pound WMC Pan American title that summer. He again showed his propensity for fast damage output when he took out Padilla for a first round TKO.

Troy “Trouble” Jones' most recent fight came against Alim Nabiev on Glory’s Collision 3 in October of 2021. Although Jones put on a show and kept the match close, the contest was eventually settled by the judges in favor of Nabiev via unanimous decision.

Troy Jones is only 34, and likely has plenty of competing left in him. He continues to reside and train in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he is a coach at “The Academy”. This fighter got his professional start late in life and still has plenty to achieve inside the ring. We’ll be watching and cheering as Jones continues to make waves in the striking community with his sharp technique and flashy knockout skills.

How Old is Troy Jones?

Troy Jones was born on June 11th in 1988 in Chicago, Illinois. He is 34 years old as of 2022. 

Troy Jones Family

Not much has been published about Troy Jones’s family. He maintains a private life, preferring to focus on the sport when interviewed.

How Much is Troy Jones Worth?

Troy Jones’s net worth is not public information. He has been fighting in Glory for several years, since his successful debut and followup KO streak in 2018. He remains a fighter to watch in 2022 and beyond.

How Tall is Troy Jones?

Troy Jones is about 6’1” tall, making him just a tad above average for a 170 pound fighter.

How Much Does Troy Jones Weigh? 

Troy Jones competes most frequently at 170 pounds as a welterweight kickboxer. That is about 77kg.

Troy Jones Fight List

As an amateur fighter in Thailand part time, Troy Jones has had far too many bouts to list them all here. To get an idea of his prowess in the cage, we can take a look at some of his proudest accomplishments, mostly inside the Glory Kickboxing association.

  • June 2017 vs. Pornsawan Petchrambo on Max Muay Thai - Loss via KO
  • March 2018 vs. Paul Banasaik on Glory 52: Los Angeles - Win via Unanimous Decision
  • May 2018 vs. Kit Ruddock on Mecca XII - Win via KO (Right Elbow)
  • June 2018 vs. Ariel Abreu on Friday Night Fights - Win via KO (Elbows)
  • September 2018 vs. Casey Greene on Glory 58: Chicago - Win via KO (Head Kick)
  • February 2019 vs. Omari Boyd on Glory 63: Houston - Win via Unanimous Decision
  • September 2019 vs. Ammari Diedrick on Glory 68: Miami - Win via TKO (3 Knockdowns)
  • October 2019 vs. Murthel Groenhart on Glory 70 (Title Fight) - Loss via KO (Punches)
  • June 2021 vs. Miguel Angel Padilla on Triumphant 11 (Title fight)- Win via TKO (Punches)
  • October 2021 vs. Alim Nabiev on Glory: Collision 3 - Loss via Unanimous Decision.

Troy Jones's Best Fight of All Time

For a fighter like Troy Jones, it’s hard to pin down one amazing moment in a career full of highlights. It seemed like 2018 couldn’t get any better when it started off with three Glory wins in the first nine months. Troy Jones had the pressure on when he stepped into the cage against Casey Greene. He left early that night, courtesy of a head kick that sent Greene to the canvas.

Who Did Troy Jones Lose To?

Every fighter takes some losses, particularly strikers. Troy Jones is no stranger to “trouble” in this sense either. His toughest loss was likely the freshest: his most recent defeat came at the hands of the Azerbaijani fighter, Alim Nabiev. The two met in the Netherlands to fight for three rounds but Jones lost a unanimous decision to Nabiev.

Troy Jones Record

Troy Jones has an overall professional kickboxing record of 5-2, although he fought frequently over in Thailand while learning the sport as well.

Troy Jones Injuries

Although grappling injuries are quite normal, Troy Jones has not been public with any major problems that have cost him time on the mat. Still, his pace slowed down from the beginning of his career where he would fight three or four times each year. It’s likely that recovery time played a part in the year-long gap between Jones’ last two matches.

Is Troy Jones Retired?

Troy Jones has not retired from professional Kickboxing. At only 34 years old, he’s still got a lot of competing to do. He’s definitely on the upcoming slate for Glory, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Troy “Trouble” Jones pop up in Lion Fight or One Championship. The sky's the limit for this budding knockout artist who could write his own ticket to the biggest promotions with a few more hallmark wins.

Glory Kickboxer Troy Jones has joined forces with DynamicStriking.com to bring you his complete striking program!

Troy Jones age

While Jones trains hard in his home of Minneapolis, he also coaches often. He teaches both group and private classes to his students and customers who love the high-level experience he brings to their city. Beyond just in-person coaching, Jones is also a creator for Dynamic Striking. He’s worked hard to create the “Steady Trouble Striking System” through our site. In this volume, you’ll learn to master some of Jone’s favored combinations, clinches, and strikes while also paying attention to stance and footwork as a method to control your opponent’s motion. Make sure to check out these exciting tips from a knockout artist today.

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