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Trainer Gae: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Trainer Gae: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Trainer Gae?

Trainer Gae is a professional muay thai trainer who lives in Bangkok, Thailand and trains out of Elite Fight Club Bangkok. He went from a life of poverty to a life of relative fame doing the thing he loves. The one time Thai monk now boasts a following of over half a million followers on Instagram alone. He is now one of the most popular trainers on the internet, and is known for his tough, intense style.Ajarn Gae was born in a small province about 120 miles north of Bangkok, called Nakhon Sawan. He was raised in an incredibly poor family and was forced into the streets to beg for food from the local temple as a young child. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon among the impoverished in Thailand. Many families, like Gae’s, are unable to provide basic needs.

In the temple, the young Ajarn found his home and his sanctuary. He felt safe to rest there and began to spend most of his time there as a very young child. Around the age of eight, Gae had figured out that he was a natural at combat. He would show up at local fairs, run by the temple, and hop in the ring swinging. To his surprise, his very first fight earned him 20 baht, plenty for a starving child to feed himself with.

Learn the Muay Thai Sweeping Techniques from one of the masters of the art, Trainer Gae!

Trainer Gae age

The taste of well earned food was the motivation for Ajarn Gae to continue training; from the moment he was able to provide for himself with his fists, Trainer Gae has been a fighter. He continued to fight in these local temple fairs with just his intuition and natural physical strength. He would often fight multiple matches in a day throughout his childhood, until he was noticed by a local gym around age 9. 

Here, Gae began his formal muay thai training, which consisted of 8 months of walking and footwork drills. When the students made mistakes, they were surprised with a strike from a wooden cane as a motivation to tighten up their technique. While these methods are intense for many westerners, they were and are more popular in Bangkok.

As Arjun got better, he drew attention from the leaders of local gyms and soon was scouted to join one of the big players in town, Kaitsingnoi. At the time, they were one of the top stadiums in Thailand, and many of the best fighters of that era passed through and trained with Gae.

Sometime in the early 2000s, injury struck. Arjun broke his leg badly and was forced into some time off. The level of care required to fix the leg was out of Gae’s budget, and he had to choose a new life path. Although he would eventually find his way back, Arjun Gae left the sport to become a Buddhist Monk… for about a decade!

In 2011, after almost a decade away from the sport to focus on his inner peace, Arjun Gae returned to the sport as Trainer Gae. He first took some work with a local gym and was soon recruited by Elite Fight Club Bangkok, where he still operates and trains today.

Since making the switch over ten years ago, Trainer Gae has grown in popularity to be an international combat sports superstar. His viral clips on instagram have earned him over a half a million followers with more finding him every day. The transformation from Buddhist Monk Arjun to Trainer Gae is truly an amazing one.

At Elite Fight Club, Gae produced a number of top fighters, including Ramazan Ramazanov and Dzhabar Askerov using his uniquely tough style. Watching a video of gae’s methods is surprisingly old school; he has not forgotten the cane that raised him. Still, for those willing, this training methodology creates a strong mind and an unbreakable spirit as demonstrated by his top students.

Learn the Muay Thai Sweeping Techniques from one of the masters of the art, Trainer Gae!

Trainer Gae bio

As of 2020, Trainer Gae now works out of Sasiprapa Gym, in the same city of Bangkok, Thailand.

How Old is Trainer Gae?

Trainer Gae’s age is not public. He’s somewhat timeless, if you ask us.

Trainer Gae Family

Not much has been published about Trainer Gae’s family. He maintains a private life, preferring to focus on his students during rare interviews. What we do know is that his family was unable to support him and this led to his love of prizefighting by age 8!

How Much is Trainer Gae Worth?

Trainer Gae’s net worth is not public information. He spent 10 years as a monk, before becoming one of the most successful muay thai trainers alive.

How Tall is Trainer Gae?

Trainer Gae’s height isn’t officially published, but he’s around 5’9”.

How Much Does Trainer Gae Weigh? 

Trainer Gae hasn’t weighed in for competition since over 20 years ago, so we’re really not certain. He’s definitely on the heavier side, especially for a Thai fighter!

Trainer Gae Fight List

Trainer Gae isn’t a fighter. He was a fighter about 20 years ago, but those records are not preserved. Luckily he was successful as a fighter; so successful, in fact, that he was able to find a job based on his reputation after ten years spent away from the game as a monk.

Trainer Gae's Best Fight of All Time

Trainer Gae’s fights aren’t recorded. Unfortunately, we just can't say.

Learn the Muay Thai Sweeping Techniques from one of the masters of the art, Trainer Gae!

Trainer Gae weight

Who Did Trainer Gae Lose To?

Trainer Gae experienced losses in his career, particularly the injury that sidelined him into monkhood.

Trainer Gae Record

Trainer Gae’s overall muay thai record is not known.

Trainer Gae Injuries

Trainer Gae experienced a life altering leg break during a muay thai match in his youth. He retired to the monkhood instead of becoming a trainer. After ten years as a monk, Gae returned as a trainer to help others achieve their best.

Is Trainer Gae Retired?

Trainer Gae is retired from professional muay thai, but spends his time as a trainer, coach, and internet celebrity. His videos show his personality, his intensity, and create buzz in the comments. His style is visibly rough but undeniably effective.

When Gae isn’t working to raise the next muay thai stadium champion, he’s working to coach strangers via his work with Dynamic Striking. Trainer Gae created “King of the Sweeps, Muay Thai Sweeping Techniques” so that others could learn from his knowledge of this lesser-appreciated part of the game. It’s easy to focus on stand up, or to show up for BJJ class, but how often do we dedicate time to sweeping from the clinch? Learn the basics of these intricate sweeps and start incorporating them into your game.

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