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Tony Jeffries: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Tony Jeffries: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Tony Jeffries?

Tony Jeffries is a retired professional boxer and Olympic bronze medalist from England. His professional career was cut short in 2012 following hand problems from the sport, leading him into one of the most successful coaching careers in modern memory through his work at Box ‘n Burn in Los Angeles. 

What this article covers:

Tony Jeffries was born in Tyne, England, and grew up there while attending Farringdon Community Sports college. His uncle was a professional boxer named William Young “Billy” Bryce, and was an inspiration to him as a young child. By the age of ten, Tony had found his way to the ring to follow in his uncle’s footsteps.

He joined the local amateur boxing club and won the amateur School Boys’ Championships in 1999. Shortly after, in 2001, he won Gold in the European Cadets 17 age group. Then, in 2003, Tony won the YMCA International Cup, which was held in New Delhi, the capital city of India. During this time, he also placed in other tournaments, like the 2003 Junior Brandenburg Cup and the European Junior Championships in Warsaw that same year.

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His success continued for a few years as Tony racked up experience as a traveling amateur journeyman boxer. His first major injury came in 2006, when he broke his hand fighting Kenny Anderson, the winner of Scotland’s tournament that year. He redeemed himself shortly after during his return to the ring against Daniel Kooij in 2007.

Tony Jeffries won several more matches that year, eventually qualifying for the 2008 Olympic Summer Games, making him the first boxer from his home province to compete in the Olympics. His olympic run was a good one, culminating in a bronze medal after losing to an Irish boxer named Kenny Egan in the semifinals.

After earning this medal, Jeffries officially went pro, and made some noise about unpaid bonuses from the Amateur Boxing Association of England to boot! His professional contract took effect in January 2009 where he won his debut fight at super middleweight by knocking out Alaiksandr Vaiavoda. 

He continued his streak of professional success in his second fight, where he racked up another TKO over Roy Meissner in front of a home crowd. 

Jeffries won his second professional fight on home soil in impressive fashion. He produced another TKO at the Crowtree Leisure Centre to defeat Roy Meissner. Nothing could stop Jeffries pro run, or so it seemed. He fought often and soon found himself at 7-0 when he faced Michael Banbula in July of 2010. There was some controversy in this loss, as Jeffries was allegedly under the impression that the fight would be six rounds. After completing what he thought was the entire bout, he was greeted with the information that there were, in fact, two more rounds. He lost them, turning the would-be win into the only blemish on his professional career; a draw.

He won a couple more fights before eventually being forced into early retirement due to major hand surgery in 2012. Although it was a frustrating end to a great professional career, it meant that Jeffries would officially retire undefeated, since his only losses had come as an amateur during his Olympic days. Upon retiring, Tony Jeffries had compiled one of the most dominant professional runs of his time.

In the time since his retirement from competition, Jeffrries has become not only a trainer at LA’s Box ‘n Burn, but an actor in NBC’s The Blacklist and even a model for Levi’s! Clearly, a hand injury was no match for this prolific trainer and coach of many talents.

How Old is Tony Jeffries?

Tony Jeffries was born in England on March 2nd in 1985. He is 37 years old as of 2022. His birth name was Tony David Bryce.

Tony Jeffries Family

Immediately before his retirement in 2012, Tony Jeffries married his long time sweetheart, with whom he has three daughters. They all live happily in Santa Monica, California. Tony also has two sisters.

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How Much is Tony Jeffries Worth?

Tony Jeffries’s net worth is not public information. He was an olympic boxer for England and has made a name for himself as a trainer working out of Los Angeles’ Box n’ Burn gym.

How Tall is Tony Jeffries?

Tony Jeffries is 6’2”, or about 188 cm., which is fairly tall for a light heavyweight boxer.

How Much Does Tony Jeffries Weigh? 

Tony Jeffries competed most frequently in the light heavyweight division at 178 pounds, or about 81 kgs.

Tony Jeffries Fight List

Tony Jeffries had a short and amazing two year professional boxing career that culminated in an Olympic bronze medal. Before that, he competed at a high level in many international competitions and has a career total of over 106 fights. Take a look at the dominance on display in just his final run from the Olympic medal to his retirement in 2012:

  • February 2009 vs. Aliaksandr Vaiavoda - Win via TKO
  • May 2009 vs. Roy Meissner - Win Via TKO
  • July 2009 vs. Iliya Shakura - Win Via TKO
  • October 2009 vs. Artsiom Salomka - Win via Decision
  • December 2009 vs. Andrejs Tolstihs - Win via TKO
  • April 2010 vs. Nathan King - Win via Decision
  • June 2010 vs. Matt Hainy - Win Via TKO
  • July 2010 vs. Michael Banbula - Draw
  • December 2010 vs Tommy Tolan - Win via KO
  • September 2011 vs. Paul Morby - Win via Decision

Tony Jeffries's Best Fight of All Time

For a fighter like Tony Jeffries, it’s hard to pin down one amazing moment in a career full of highlights. Still, in all ten matches he only managed to stop one opponent cold with a full KO. In December of 2010, Tony Jeffries stood opposite Ireland's Tommy Tolan in Belfast ready for the first round to begin. Although Tolan put up a fight, Jeffries flattened him to the canvas and sent him packing home early.

Who Did Tony Jeffries Lose To?

In 2006, Tony lost to Kenny Anderson at Light Heavyweight and damaged his hand severely enough for the first surgery to occur. This was the beginning of the hand problem that would eventually retire Tony early from the sport

Tony Jeffries Record

Tony Jeffries has an overall professional boxing record of 9-0-1. Of his nine professional wins, six were by knockout and only three were by decision.

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Tony Jeffries Injuries

Tony Jeffries suffered hand problems, as boxers do. Unfortunately, he was forced into early retirement when a surgery to preserve his hands was unsuccessful. He’s been working as a successful trainer since that time.

Is Tony Jeffries Retired?

Tony Jeffries retired from professional boxing as of his hand surgery in 2012. He has spent the better part of the last decade training others to achieve their potential through his work at the incredibly popular Box ‘n’ Burn fitness gym in Santa Monica, California.

In addition to his work as an Olympian and a coach, Tony Jeffries also works hard to translate his considerable striking skill into video format so that others can benefit from the time he’s spent learning the art. Check out his “The Art of Power Punching” “The Fundamentals of Olympic Style Boxing” filmed in coordination with Dynamic Striking site in order to add some of his tricks to your game. 

In these volumes you’ll hear from one of the most pedigreed boxers around on the methods that led him to an amazing career and an olympic bronze medal. Make sure to pick up some tips on improving your power while minding your footwork from the great Tony Jeffries today. Either offering is sure to have you mulling over new patterns as you improve your game.

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