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Cross Counter the Jab with Cedric Doumbe!

Cross Counter the Jab with Cedric Doumbe!

Cedric Doumbe is a Cameroonian-French Kickboxer. Cedric is the current Glory Welterweight  World Champion with 3 title defenses as well as the 2016 Fighter of the Year! Cedric Doumbe is known for his highly effective and unorthodox Striking style. Here, Coach Cedric Doumbe shows you how he executes one of his favorite techniques, the Cross Counter to the Jab!


Technique Breakdown

Coach Cedric Doumbe says the cross counter is one of his favorite techniques and you can see him do it in all of his fights. Doumbe explains that the reason it is so strong is because it is like two trains colliding. You have the momentum from the opponent's jab smashing into your counters momentum. All of this force meets right at the opponent's head causing the knock out!

The reason Cedric Doumbe calls this technique the Cross Counter is because his arm crosses over the opponent's arm. To perform this technique Coach Cedric slips to the inside of the opponent’s jab while simultaneously throwing his looping right overhand to cross over the opponent’s arm, smashing right into the opponent's head.

Coach Doumbe goes on to explain that this technique is all about timing. If your timing is too late you will get hit, if your timing is too early you will miss and still probably get hit. You must be exact, so you miss his jab right as your right hand collides with your opponent's head, right over their shoulder. To develop this timing, Doumbe first practices his slip, slipping inside and outside his partner's jab. Then when he feels confident with his timing he will start adding in his cross counter!

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