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Effective Clinch Striking Details From Bas Rutten

Effective Clinch Striking Details From Bas Rutten

Clinch work in combat sports is a formidable weapon if you know how to properly use it. Throwing strikes like knees and elbows can be a devastating attack when you have your opponent tied up in the clinch.

Knowing how to properly utilize the clinch by keeping your opponent unable to see your strikes coming, is a technique used by many fighters. If your opponent can see your elbows coming then it gives them a chance to stifle the attack.

Having a strong clinch can help you dominate your opponent, we have all seen many fights end by vicious knees to the body or savage elbows to the head. Distracting your opponent with knees to the body and by utilizing the proper clinch will open up chances to execute the devastating “Elbow From Hell” 

That’s why we have brought in the great man himself Bas Rutten along with Duane Ludwig to show us how to utilize the clinch. In this video Bas demonstrates how to use a strong clinch, distracting our opponent with strikes and then opening them up for a devastating elbow to the head.

Who Is Bas Rutten?

Bas “El Guappo” Rutten is a former kickboxer who won his first 14 fights by knockout, he was a   

Professional wrestler and a former UFC heavyweight champion. He was also a three time King of Pancrase world champion, Bas finished his career with his last 22 fights unbeaten with 21 wins and 1 draw. 

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Landing Elbows In The Clinch


At the start of this video Bas Rutten talks about striking from the clinch and references his “Elbow from Hell” he talks about blindsiding his opponent and distracting him. He explains how to clinch his opponent by hiding his opponent's face deep inside his clinch. Bas then distracts his opponent by attacking him with his right knee, this keeps his opponent focused on his knee. As Bas pulls back his right knee he lets go of the clinch and loads up with a tremendous left elbow.

When hitting your opponent with an elbow it is important to make sure that you get good rotation on your strike, this assures maximum damage. Another important point is to keep your opponent’s head trapped inside your clinch so they cannot see your left elbow coming. 

A great way to make sure your opponent is unaware of your attacking elbow is to distract them by firing first with your right knee. Make sure you let your opponent see those knees coming, this will ensure that your opponent is focused on the knees and is not ready to be on the end of a devastating “Elbow from Hell” or a brutal clothesline. 

If an elbow is not your choice of weapon then you can always change it up and hit them with a clothesline. Although it may be frowned upon it is a strike that is extremely hard to defend and will most certainly translate into a real life fighting situation.

Remember these steps:

  1. Grab the neck of your opponent into a clinch with your right hand ( hiding his face away from your left hand )
  2.  Make sure your opponent can see your right knee
  3.  Attack the body with right knees ( keeping your left hand back and loaded )
  4.  As you pull back your right knee let go of the clinch
  5.  Rotate your body delivering a hard left elbow or clothesline

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