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Make Your Shin Unbreakable With Bas Rutten

Make Your Shin Unbreakable With Bas Rutten

Bone conditioning is one of those old exercises that are debatable in today’s world. As we are not just listening to our coach telling us that “this is the only way to get our bones more durable, “ we also listen to the doctor’s opinion, which differs significantly from traditional methods.


For a long time, people asked why do some people break their bones and others Just don’t? Did they condition their bones to become hard as steel?


This question can be tricky because we don't know what makes some bones feel harder than others. It can be through conditioning because the bones become denser, but as science shows us, the difference between a “conditioned” bone and a “non-conditioned” is insignificant.But are we asking the right question? is it the density of our bones that make them feel so hard? or is there a technique behind how we land our kicks that decides how hard they are?


So as we said before, the bones can become harder through conditioning drills in a controlled manner, as the impact creates minor fractures in our bones that will heal up into a new layer, and we will repeat the process until we see noticeable changes.


Make sure the objects you hit while drilling are not too hard as they can damage your bones more than needed, which will take time to heal and stop you from conditioning them constantly (which is what you need).


Who Is Bas Rutten

Bas Rutten is considered by many as one of the greatest fighters the world has seen.He had great success in all forms of unarmed combat. Bas found a way to land deadly strikes at his opponents whether he used protection or not, and the form of competition didn’t matter. Bas would later rise to fame and become the heavyweight champions in the UFC. Today Bas is mainly a commentator, gym owner, and actor.


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Keeping Our Shin From Breaking When Kicking

The video starts with Bas showing a small piece of wood he got to explain to us how we are going to land a kick without breaking our shin.This piece of wood will resemble a shin bone for us, and we will notice that the wood has a flat part and narrow part to it, this is how our shin bone looks inside our leg.


Now Bus shows us that to break this piece of wood, we need to try and break it from the flat side as it's going to be much easier to bend and break, but if we rotate it to the narrow side and try to break it now, we will find it impossible.


To understand it better, Bas gives us the example of Muay Thai fighters - in Thailand, the fighters land their kicks angled up to down where they can land the narrow part of the shin instead of the flat part because they know this way the chances of them breaking their shin are slim.


Bas continues and tells us the story about a Karate Combat event where he worked as a commentator, where one fighter threw a low kick below his opponent’s knee and landed with the flat part of his shin. Bas knew it was dangerous, but before he could even say it aloud, the fighter already broke his shin in half.


Landing the kick with the narrow part of the shin could easily prevent his shin from breaking; this is why Muay Thai fighters will never throw a kick this way and break their moneymakers.So to have “unbreakable shins,” we simply need to rotate our hips so we can land the kick with a narrow part of our shin.


Never aim to land the kick with the flat part of our shin (this can only happen if we turn our toes up) because it will increase the risk of breaking the shin, which is unlikely to happen, and with a bit of adjustment, we can throw our kicks safely.



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