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Southpaw Counter Punching With Chris Camozzi

Southpaw Counter Punching With Chris Camozzi

Counter punching is an essential striking ability that every fighter, no matter what their style is, should be able to do ,at least to a certain degree. Even if you’re a fighter who likes to be the aggressor, pressuring your opponent back and always moving forward being able to see your opponents attacks coming and counter is an invaluable ability to have. 

Counter punching on it’s own can be fairly hard to drill and even harder to actually put into practice. This is because counters have only a split second worth of opportunity where they can be effective, so you need to be sharp and be able to see the attacks coming and work accordingly. This can be hard,physically for newer strikers, who tend to flinch at the sight of a strike coming. 

This gets harder when you’re a southpaw. This is because most of your training partners and even some coaches might not be sure on how you should counter, as you will be in an open stance position against most other fighters who are orthodox. An open stance scenario is where two fighters have different feet as their lead foot and their chests point in the same direction. 

This opens up a lot of different counters that some people might not be familiar with. This makes a southpaw with counter punching abilities even more dangerous. This is why if you’re a southpaw it becomes extra important to be able to counter punch. You will need someone to show you some techniques on how to do it and we have the man for the job.

In this video, Chris Camozzi shows you how, as a southpaw ,you can counter an orthdox fighter’s punch with your own and gain a superior angle at the same time. Chris Camozzi is an american kickboxer and MMA fighter. He used to compete in the UFC’s middleweight division and also competed in the middleweight division of GLORY kickboxing. He also appeared as a contestant on the 11th season of tThe Ultimate Fighter back in 2010. 

How To Counter Punch As A Southpaw 


The video starts off with Chris having his partner throw a right hook at him. From here Chris defends the hook, which is going to his rear side since he is in southpaw. Chris defends the hook with a simple block. After blocking Chris steps in with his lead leg to throw a cross. Chris then follows up with a lead hook and then another cross. 

Take note that on each punch he throws, Chris steps a little bit more to the outside of his opponent’s lead leg. Doing this will put him in a stronger position to land his own strikes and defend against his opponent’s. Doing this will also make it easier for Chris to disengage after throwing his counter punches. 

Keep in mind that if you’re an orthodox fighter fighting a southpaw, you can still use these tactics, the sides are just switched but the general idea is still the same. 

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Southpaw Striking Fundamentals by Chris Camozzi

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