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Upper Body Striking Application Lead Hand Only Other Side by Jake Mainini

Upper Body Striking Application Lead Hand Only Other Side by Jake Mainini


Being able to land your strikes and get back out of your opponents range is a crucial skill. Jake Mainini, a professional Muay Thai fighter and coach to many fighters currently competing at the highest level of combat sports in organizations such as UFC and Glory shows you how to use your lead arm strikes in conjunction to some footwork!


What makes any technique useful, is your ability to apply it. The first technique is the jab. Using the lead hand to strike straight out and straight back to your guard is the basic premise of the jab. The first footwork variation is the lead leg only step. Jake steps straight in with his lead leg, throws his jab, and quickly steps his lead leg back out of range of his opponent without hanging out in his partners range for too long. Mainini quickly steps in and uses the weight in his lead leg to quickly step back out.

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The second footwork variation is bringing both feet in and bringing both feet out. So the last variation Jake did not bring his whole stance with him, it was just a quick step with the lead leg only. Now, Mainini is looking to step up with his lead leg, land the jab, and bring his rear leg up with him. Now Jake has closed the distance on his partner. To get back out of his opponents striking range, Jake uses his rear leg to step first and trails with the lead leg. Notice when Mainini is stepping, as his second leg follows, he never crosses his feet or lets his stance get too shallow by bringing his feet together. Jake is always in a strong position to attack and defend.

The third footwork variation Jake Manini shows is quickly entering and exiting with both feet. Almost a combination of the first and second variation. Jake uses his back leg to push off the ground, driving his lead leg forward, but instead of leaving his rear leg behind to follow after the step, the rear leg moves almost in conjunction with the lead leg. This technique allows Jake to quickly hop in, land a strike, and quickly hop back out, like a hit and run.

Manini then shows that these three footwork variations can be used with any lead hand attack, jab, hook, uppercut, it does not matter what attack he decides to throw as long as he uses some time of proper footwork to maintain a strong stance so he can always be balanced and ready to attack or defend.

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