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Why The Catch And Pitch Is Crucial To Your Defensive Strategy According To Teddy Atlas

Why The Catch And Pitch Is Crucial To Your Defensive Strategy According To Teddy Atlas


They say the best defense is a good offense and there are few better defensive moves to counter your opponent and cause damage like the tried and true catch and pitch. 

The catch and pitch technique is one of the most important skills a striker can learn when defending against their opponent’s jab or hook. While seemingly simple, mastering this defense enables a fighter to not only block an incoming punch but possibly stun their opponent after creating an opening on the inside. Catching and pitching is different from parrying in that you are blocking the punch while your guard is up and then nearly instantaneously delivering a short, quick counterpunch to either their body or chin area for maximum effectiveness, according to Hall of Fame boxing trainer Teddy Atlas. 

Atlas’ Rules For Catch And Pitch Success


  1. Have a tight defense and protect chin from a potential uppercut
  2. Be aware of the fighter’s style and the situation you’re in 
  3. Calmness is key to getting the upper hand on the inside
  4. Be conscious of your stance and don’t let it get too wide

“You’re nice and tight. You’re on the inside. You’re aware and not leaving yourself open to an uppercut. You’re going to catch something and then you’re going to fill that hole,” Atlas said. “If you are out-spread, you can’t move. I don’t want you to be lost out here. I want your power translating from your legs and delivered into [the opponent].” 

Atlas also stresses the importance of delivering a quick counterpunch after catching your opponent’s jab or hook. With a little practice, this seemingly easy move can deliver a devastating unseen punch known to end the contest. 

If you’re new to the sport of boxing or experienced and looking to improve your striking game, Atlas’ advice is paramount to making your defensive moves count while getting the upper hand on the inside. 

Who Is Teddy Atlas?

Hall of Fame boxing trainer and longtime fight commentator Teddy Atlas is well known throughout the worldwide pugilistic community for working under Cus D’Amato in developing a young Mike Tyson in the early 1980s and serving as head trainer for Michael Moorer who triumphed over Evander Holyfield to win the IBF and WBA title belts in 1994. 

Atlas also worked as a commentator for ESPN for nearly a quarter-century and has served as NBC’s olympic boxing commentator since 2000. The trainer was also inducted into the Staten Island Sports Hall of Fame and the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame in the early 2000s. You can catch Atlas’ weekly podcast, The Fight, where the legendary trainer gives his take on upcoming and recent events in boxing and MMA. 


In this video, Atlas teams up with veteran boxer Kenny Robles, who signed to Mayweather Promotions in 2017. While the 30-year-old fighter from Staten Island has been practicing the sweet science for more than half his life, Atlas is still able to find adjustments to help Robles become a better boxer.  

Trench Warfare by Teddy Atlas

If you are looking for more next-level boxing details check out “TRENCH WARFARE BY TEDDY ATLAS” and other great Atlas instructionals available at DynamicStriking.com!