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5 Punch Boxing Combination With Karim Ghajji

5 Punch Boxing Combination With Karim Ghajji

Combination punching is the ultimate method to help you land your big shots. This is something that a lot of newer strikers don’t understand but you don’t need to throw every punch in a  combination with full power, in fact you shouldn’t do that. That is a great way to make yourself tired because throwing every punch or strike in general at full power is a great way to waste all of your energy. 

This is why if you are using a combination to set up a big shot, you are going to want to throw the first punches lightly, this will occupy your opponent’s vision and get them thinking about the punches that you are throwing and landing, not the ones that you are going to throw. 

This is the basic premise of combinations and the sooner you learn this way of throwing combinations, instead of using combinations to land every punch hard, the more you will benefit. 

So we have an amazing kickboxer to show you one of his favorite boxing combinations that you can use to practice this method of combination punching. 

In this video, Karim Ghajji shows us a 5 punch boxing combination that he really likes to use. 

Who Is Karim Ghajji 

Karim Ghajji is a Moroccan-French Kickboxer. At the time of writing he is the current ISKA World Oriental Rules Middleweight and Super Middleweight champion and he also competes in the welterweight division of GLORY Kickboxing. In fact for 4 straight years between 2014 and 2018, he was in the welterweight kickboxing top 10. 

5 Punch Boxing Combination 


The video starts off with Ghajji showing the combination slowly. The combination is a pretty simple combination that switches hands on each punch. It starts with a lead hand jab, then goes into a rear cross, lead hook, to a rear uppercut then finishes off with another lead hook. 

This is a pretty good combianton but it also takes up multiple ranges so that can be confusing. Use the jab cross part of the combination to get in close and then use the first lead hook to get even closer, from here you should be in a great position to land that rear uppercut. 

The rear uppercut should lift up your opponents head to expose their chin. This means they are wide open for a lead hook to the chin that can potentially put them down for good. 

Remember that not every punch in this combination needs to be super powerful. Use the first three shots as set ups to get into position and distract your opponent. From there you can throw a hard lead uppercut to light up your opponent’s head and maybe even knock them out. If the uppercut doesn’t finish them off, then the lead hook should land flush and deal a ton of damage.

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