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Carlos Condit Shares Some Striking Tips!

Carlos Condit Shares Some Striking Tips!

It is so frustrating to see fighters with the same predictable combos over and over. We see it in boxing. Left, right, left, right hook, left hook etc… We have all seen it and the reason it makes for a boring fight is the other fighter has seen it too. They simply know the other hand his coming.

The reason for the predictability is based in human anatomy. Without getting into specifics think of the body as two sets of rubber bands. One that runs from the left shoulder to right hip and the other mirrored right shoulder to left hip. When a fighter punches with their left arm the left hip goes forward drawing tension to the left shoulder.

Releasing that tension makes for a snappy punch with all of that kinetic energy going directly into the punch. Most striking styles will teach the common flurry of left, right, left as introductory combinations.

It is introductory because it feels natural and is easily executed for the same reason. The problem is while throwing with speed and power is fantastic, if the other fighter knows it's coming there is going to be a block and worse yet a counter.

To combat the nature of predictability we have seen both Boxers and MMA Fighters employ a double jab. The first punch is to get the defenses up, the second to hit on a ½ step time creating penetration, which will lead the way for the straight right to land uninterrupted.

Much like all good things, these trick combos do not last forever. We are seeing fighters now anticipating the right hand and guarding up then countering with a hard left hook in return. This is the nature of fighting and evolutions must happen. Some leaps in the fight game happen faster than others.

This leaves the rest of us to adapt. So how can we mix it up and start landing combinations that leave our opponent looking for answers? Look no further than “The Natural Born Killer” Himself Carlos Condit.


Check out Combat Tested Striking Combinations by Carlos Condit! Click Learn More!

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Carlos is a striking phenom and was the interim middleweight champion at one point in time. The two factors that made Carlos dangerous were his balance and unique striking style.

Truly being hard to explain, he was not specifically one type of striker but rather a chameleon that would adapt to his environment. If a guy was tired he would rush in with Karate style barrages that would see big shots land. If his opponent hung back by the cage he became an expert level boxer just picking his shots, if they rushed him he could back pedal and counter punch.

All these different styles of striking displayed in one match. It was unorthodox and it was effective! Just look at his five round fight with the great Nick Diaz. Condit was able to have Diaz guessing and Diaz is a top notch boxer. 

One way Condit did this was he would double up not just the jab but the cross, upper cuts and kicks on the same side. So instead of left hook, right high kick, or right cross he would throw a left leg kick. He managed to do so by setting up the footwork to drive the leg.

Carlos explains how he doubles up on the same side with a double, right cross then a right uppercut opposed to the classic left cross. Check out how he does it in the video below!



If you notice how after Carlos throws the right cross his right leg sneaks up about 6 inches. Now he has his leg loaded to fire off the heavy uppercut on the same side.

Carlos has a great deal of tips and tricks to share. Things that helped him win the WEC Middleweight championship as well as that UFC interim Championship as well.

Carlos outlines his unorthodox style in his instructional video. It is more that just a few combos, it is insight into how to build your own high volume striking system. Carlos covers mixing up combos, Using frames to protect yourself in a clinch.

He also outlines important things like weight distribution and the importance of head movement and good defense. If you don’t think that is important go back and watch Nick miss consistently with his right hand. The right hand that has been laser guided for years. Carlos used his movement to make that weapon miss for 25 minutes.

Combat Tested Striking Combinations by Carlos Condit

You have to learn from a killer to be a killer, so check it out here!