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Overhaul Your Overhand Right With Cyrille Diabate

Overhaul Your Overhand Right With Cyrille Diabate


Cyrille Diabate is a Mixed Martial Artist and Muay Thai Kickboxer with over 80 fights! Cyrille has fought in big name promotions such as Palace Fighting Championships, PRIDE, Cage Rage and the UFC as well as appearing frequently in season 9 of The Ultimate Fighter as a striking coach for team Team Henderson. With all of this experience fighting and coaching at the highest levels, Cyrille shows one of his favorite combinations and how to land a big overhand right on your opponent!


To start the combination Cyrille throws a jab from an orthodox stance (meaning left leg in front). Cyrille can throw his jab to find the range allowing him to follow up with his next strike the rear uppercut. This uppercut can have two effects. If the uppercut lands flush it will raise the opponents head so Diabate can follow up with his lead hook or if the opponent has his chin already tucked and is in a tight shell the uppercut can still lift the head from the defensive shell, again opening it up for Cyrilles next strike the lead hook. 

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Once Cyrille Diabate has thrown the left hook the opponents hands will be up covering the head, this is a good time to go low and attack the legs. Diabate will go for the rear leg of his opponent with an outside left leg kick. Notice the footwork Cyrille uses to make the angle for the low kick. Cyrille angles his lead leg foot to the left then cross steps his rear leg, as his lead leg would naturally adjust to the cross step, Diabate uses that momentum in his hips to throw the lead leg kick into his opponents rear leg!

Now that Diabate has landed a combination and a low kick to his opponents rear leg side he is expecting some kind of counter attack. Typically, the rear right whether a straight cross or overhand is a common defensive punch to throw after you have been hit and are panicking to throw something back as well as the fact that Cyrille moved towards the rear side of his opponent he can pretty safely assume a strike will come from that side. 

Anticipating his opponents right hand counter, Diabate slips to the outside of the opponents punch while simultaneously throwing an overhand right of his own! To slip the punch Cyrille tucks his chin and moves forward while slightly leaning to his left (the opponent's right) to just barely pass  by the outside of the opponent's punch. 

While making that forward slip movement Cyrille uses the momentum from the slip to throw his overhand counter punch. While the opponent is throwing his right hand that means that that side of his head is open and vulnerable to a counter strike. The best time to hit someone is while they are already committed to an attack of their own, so it is all about timing your movement to avoid their attack while landing your own counter shot!

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