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Counter The Jab With A Cross By Cedric Doumbe

Counter The Jab With A Cross By Cedric Doumbe

The “cross” is a word thrown around the martial arts world incorrectly; many people relate the cross for a straight right hand, but this is wrong as the cross is not always a straight punch, and it is not a punch we can throw on our own.

The cross is a technique made to go over the opponent’s straight punches as a counter,  and because it creates the shape of a cross over the opponent’s arm, boxers called it a “cross” as we are crossing our hands together.

Many people face the problem when they throw the cross because they mistake it for either an overhand or a straight right hand. They are not fulfilling its purpose and unsuccessfully use it missing the target or not even reaching it because they are using the wrong technique. 

When we throw the cross as a counter to a jab, for example, we have two options we can go under his arm ( resembles a straight right hand) or over his arm (resembles an overhand). When I do it, I want to slip my head inside his jab for both cases and create the shape of the cross with our arms.

In the following video, Cedric Doumbe will show us one of his signature moves - The cross counter for the jab in detail.


Who Is Cedric Doumbe? 

Cedric Doumbe is a French kickboxer that is signed with Glory and is the current Welterweight champion. Cedric was given the name “The Comedian” for his style and performance; he loves his role as an entertainer while being one of the most lethal fighters on the planet. Cedric has gathered an immense record of 75 wins, six losses, and one draw through the years.

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How To Land The Counter Cross

The video starts with Cedric sharing with us that the cross counter is his favorite move to use, and we can see him perform it in many of his fights successfully. 

When the opponent throws a left jab at us (from a closed stance), I counter him with the cross, and this is a powerful punch capable of knocking anybody out as it consists of his weight moving forward with the jab and my weight going forward with the cross to collide with him.

So, we move in our fighting stance, and we draw him to throw a jab at me, as he throws the jab, I anticipate it and counter with my cross. Notice that like we said before, the cross is called a cross because it makes the shape of a cross over his arm, and it is perfectly illustrated in the video for you to see.

Remember that to land the cross, we must have perfect timing; the problem many people face is that they are too late and the jab hits them, or they are too quick and miss the punch as they collide with his arm before going over it.

To find the best timing, we must set it up with slips; when the opponent throws a jab, I will start by dodging it inside or outside without a counter, making him miss. After getting his rhythm and knowing when the jab will come, I slip it at the right moment and land my cross as his arm extends over me.

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