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Countering the Jab by Melvin Manhoef

Countering the Jab by Melvin Manhoef


Melvin Manhoef is a Dutch kickboxer and MMA fighter, having been the champion of It’s Showtime and Cage Rage as well as fighting for big name organizations such as Strikeforce, DREAM, K1 Bellator and One FC! Here, Melvin Manhoef shows how to bait the opponent to throw their jab, how to slip it correctly and counter back with strikes of your own!


Melvin Manhoef begins by explaining that if you hit your opponent with a hard right hand and create distance, they most likely will respond with a straight punch, not a hook because of the distance. Melvin Manhoef returns a jab to his student, from the opponent's jab, Melvin shows that you should slip to the outside of the punch while stepping forward. Once the strike has been slipped, Manhoef has his student fire back with a cross, hook, cross, counter. One of the most important details for this technique is the step you take on your slip. If you do not step on the slip and cover distance, you will be right in range for your opponent to follow up with their right cross increasing the chances of you being hit. 

When slipping, you will typically be moving to the outside of the opponents punch. You can slip to the inside if you time your counter correctly but slipping inside of the jab puts your face right in line to eat the opponents cross, the same is true for slipping the cross. If you slip to the outside, you are around your opponents weapons and defences whereas slipping to the inside will put your face right in position to be countered by a left hook. 

Creating KO's by Melvin Manhoef

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