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Countering The Jab With A Lead Uppercut By Teddy Atlas

Countering The Jab With A Lead Uppercut By Teddy Atlas

In boxing, defense is everything, but we have different types of defense, and we need to be well-rounded and good with all of them. Each type of defense gives us a unique benefit, as it can create an opening so we can move on to counterpunch, or it can create an impenetrable shell that allows us to move freely and safely.


Remember, good defense sets up our offense, and it’s the reason defensive ability separates good boxers and great boxers. Counter punching, for example, is a great defensive skill, and it’s the best way to hit a live opponent that always keeps his guard up. 


Against defensive fighters, we must create openings for a counter and catch him as he attacks us. One of the most effective defenses we can use is the slips. Slipping a punch takes our opponent off his stance and sets up great counterpunching opportunities.


But slipping punches is not the easiest skill to develop; most practitioners have two common problems that stop them from successfully slipping punches:

  • They are getting hit while they are slipping.
  • They are getting hit while trying to counterpunch after a slip.

    To deal with the first problem, we must learn to anticipate our opponent and never react. So by anticipating his next move, we can draw our opponent to us, making him respond and giving ourselves enough time to slip the punch without getting hit.


    The second problem is solved when we stay alert of our head position; as we come up after a slip, we tend to stand up, but that ensures that we enter the line of fire and we can get hit. To stay safe as we counter, we must remain under the line of fire where we can move our heads freely from side to side without the risk of getting hit.


    By keeping those simple principles in mind, slipping a punch won’t be a problem for you anymore.


    In this video, Teddy Atlas will show us how he counters the jab with the lead uppercut off the inside slip.


    Who Is Teddy Atlas?

    Teddy Atlas is one of the best teachers in boxing; he has trained countless world champions and became a unique figure in boxing. Teddy had a special relationship with his teacher - the great Cus D’Amato, who has trained great champions like Mike Tyson and Floyd Patterson. Teddy is also known for his short history with Mike Tyson, where they spent three months training together before they had an incident that got them separated.


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    Slip The Jab And Come Up With The Lead Uppercut

    In this video, Teddy Atlas will talk with us about counter punching. As Floyd Mayweather is back for his fight with Logan Paul, everybody is talking about counterpunching, and Teddy has made this special video for everybody following Dynamic Striking.

    We are going to learn how to counter the jab, but first, we must understand two things:

  • Know the distance, so you are standing at the end of his Jab
  • Have the skill to slip the opponent punches
  • Once we got those two down, we can draw the opponent Jab and slip inside of it (to your left if it is Orthodox vs. Orthodox). Now he is expecting a left hook, but instead, we will come up with the left uppercut as he won’t see it coming from underneath him.

    This punch will hurt our opponent because he won’t see it coming, and remember, the punch we don’t see coming is the punch that will knock us out. So let’s recap this simple and effective counter for the Jab:

  • Draw the Jab
  • Slip inside
  • Counter with the lead uppercut

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