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Diamond Pushups by John Wayne Parr

Diamond Pushups by John Wayne Parr


John Wayne Parr is a Boxer and Muay Thai fighter from Australia fighting out of Boonchu gym in Queensland. JWP is a 10-time world champion and has fought many high level fighters in organizations such as Bellator, RIZIN and K1! Here, JWP shows how to do one of his favorite workouts, the Diamond Pushup!


Pushups are one of the best workouts you can do anytime, anywhere and the best part is that you do not need any extra equipment to do them!  Diamond pushups are an effective way to strengthen your shoulders and triceps, whereas the traditional pushup with a wider hand placement targets the chest muscle group.

Both variations can be done together for a workout on the chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps: all important muscles for a Muay Thai fighter. Having a strong upper body is not just about being able to produce force but also being able to maintain it. Furthermore, a strong upper body is crucial to punching, clinching and even just keeping your hands up for any amount of time. 

The Aussie Formula: Kickboxing Fundamentals by John Wayne Parr

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