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Souleymane Cissokho's Boxing Combinations to Diversify Your Offence

Souleymane Cissokho's Boxing Combinations to Diversify Your Offence


Souleymane Cissokho is a Senegal born French Professional Boxer who won Bronze in the 2016 Summer Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Souleymane has a ton of fighting experience, having over 150 amateur fights and a professional record of 11-0. Here Souleymane Cissokho shows us two of his favorite combinations to practice!

The first combination is a classic and a basic that everyone regardless of their combat sport should know, the basic jab, cross, hook!



The jab, cross, hook is one of the first combinations you learn when you first start training. This one basic combination is so versatile that even at the highest level you will still practice it. The goal with this combination is that every punch should set up the next as well as you being able to throw this combination at any time meaning your footwork must be stable. Your jab is the fastest weapon you have. The jab comes from your lead hand meaning it is the closest to your target. Souleymane starts his combination with the jab, this jab can be used in many ways, from just finding your range, to hitting hard and dealing damage. 

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Souleymane looks to pop the opponent with his jab, once he throws the jab and makes connection Souleymane now knows he is in position to land a rear cross. The rear cross is one of the hardest hitting punches in a boxers armoury so having a good jab to set up this power punch is crucial. Once Souleymane Cissokho smashes the opponent with his rear cross he can then follow up again with his lead hand. Notice how the jab naturally cocks back the rear arm for a hard cross, the cross will do the same to the lead arm, by throwing his cross Souleymane’s lead shoulder comes back, using this natural load up, Souleymane then fires off a lead hook. 

During this basic combination, notice the subtleties of Souleymane’s movement that will make this effective against elite boxers, he is always moving. Souleymane is always active, his feet are constantly moving, his head is moving before and after his combination, his hands are moving a little to keep his shoulders loose and relaxed. A body in motion stays in motion, Souleymane takes this principle and applies it to his padwork, constantly moving, never becoming stagnant, making it harder for the opponent to read and counter his movements. Anytime Souleymane’s padman gets close Souleymane is ready to move or pivot, landing right back into his stance so he can quickly fire back his combination. What makes an elite fighter is not some crazy technique or special ability that only they have, no, it is constant refinement of the basics to the point that you can just react when the time comes, this is what Souleymane demonstrates here! 

The next combination taught by Souleymane Cissokho is his personal favorite, the jab, cross, stiff arm palm to the face followed by another hard rear cross!



This combination is Souleymane’s favorite because it sets up his powerful right hand cross. Similar to the first combination he looked at, Souleymane starts off by throwing quickly a  jab, cross, these first two punches are not extremely powerful, Souleymane is just looking to elicit a response from his opponent, most likely they will be blocking their head from these two fast strikes. Once the cross lands, Souleymane extends his lead arm palm out at the opponent and holds it there for a second, this blinds the opponent, they do not know what is coming next now. 

Souleymane capitalizes on their momentary blindness to fire his powerful straight right into the opponent. Same as the above combination, this is not super complicated or flashy, it is just the basics done so well that they work at an advanced level. Repetition is the key!

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