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Double Jab Set Up With Daniel Woirin

Double Jab Set Up With Daniel Woirin

When it comes to people who are new to strikers, especially shorter fighters, they can have a hard time getting into range to actually land strikes. An experience a lot of those fighters have is whenever they try to step in to strike, they end up getting struck whenever they try to strike. Your opponent might also just dodge your attack entirely. 

This can naturally be very dismaying to a lot of fighters. This usually forces a certain set of fighters to just stand still and stop striking in general out of a fear of getting hit. However this is just a great way to get yourself beat up and in a competition at best you’ll lose a decision. At worst you’ll get beat up so badly that you will get knocked out. 

This is the reason why you need to have a few ways to get in range, set up and land your strikes. One of the best ways to do this is by jabbing, but most people know how to defend against one singular jab. However there’s a very simple way to get around this. 

The double jab is the favorite tool of many fighters to help them get into range and land their harder shot. This is why it helps to know how to use it properly. That’s why we brought in a top tier MMA coach to show you how it's done. 

In this video, Daniel Woirin goes over how you can use the double jab to set up harder strikes. 

Who Is Daniel Woirin 

Daniel Woirin is a French MMA coach and former coach at the legendary Black House Gym, Daniel has helped some of the very best strikers in MMA including Anderson Silva! Daniel himself isn’t the tallest fighter, so he had to learn how to efficiently get into range to land strikes. This means he can definitely give us a few pointers on how it's done. 

Double Jab To Strike 


The video starts off with coach Daniel talking about why you might not be landing your strikes using just your jab to get in range. He demonstrates this by doing a classic kickboxing combination, that being the jab to rear low kick. If you’re the shorter or slower fighter you’re jab to rear low kick might be too slow or short. You might even land but only with your foot, which is not going to be anywhere near as powerful as it would have if you landed with the full shin. 

This is because your opponent has enough time to quickly move out of the way of the kick. However, as coach Woirin shows in the video, if you use a double jab, you close more of the gap between you and your opponent. This means that they have less time to dodge or counter and you can land your kick. 

You don’t want to make your double jab “perfect” as coach Daniel calls it. Perfect meaning that you bring back your hand to your face fully after jabbing to jab again. Instead of doing that you are going to throw your first jab and only partially retract it back before throwing it again. This way you can apply pressure on your opponent faster. You can even only partially throw your first jab to get yourself in range for the second. 

Off of that second jab you can go into a combination or a low kick, at which you should be close enough to land with the full shin. You can also switch up the level of your double jab and start high and go low or vice versa. 

Make sure that you don’t put your lead foot too far forward while you're jabbing. If you do this you risk getting low kicked or taken down. Always maintain your stance and base, even while punching. 

Learn More From Daniel Woirin 

Striking For MMA by Daniel Woirin

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