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Another Creative Combat Tested Combo by Carlos Condit

Another Creative Combat Tested Combo by Carlos Condit

Carlos Condit’s impressive professional Mixed Martial Arts career began when he was 18 years old, winning his first five fights in the first round, and four of those fights in the first minute of the first round. He has coined the titles of Welterweight Champion in the WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting) and former Interim Welterweight Champion in the UFC. With half of his professional Mixed Martial Arts wins being by knock out and his experience training/competing all over the world in different types of Mixed Martial Arts, he has built a portfolio of techniques that the world needs to see.

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Condit demonstrates a double jab into a straight right, recoiling into an uppercut. Throughout the video, it is evident the amount of importance Condit places on technique when using this particular combination. 

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The key word when practicing this combination is “recoil”. After Condit’s straight right punch, you will notice the speed in which he brings his right arm back to his body. The momentum created by doing this allows him to bring his right shoulder back and load his weight onto his back leg, putting him in the best position to finish the combination with a powerful uppercut. Also notice how his back foot pivots as he goes in for the uppercut, positioning his body at the perfect angle. In striking, each move should set you up to flow into the next one in order to be as proficient as possible. Specifically, the distribution of body weight plays a huge part in both the power and proper technique of a striking combination. Landing a powerful uppercut can absolutely end a fight, so loading up properly for it is extremely important.

Something else that makes Condit’s knowledge so useful is his years of fighting experience. He brings that experience into this video by explaining a scenario in which this combination can be used. While striking different combinations on pads at the gym, it can be easy to get lost in the rhythm and difficult to envision situations while sparring where you can use what you are practicing. As an example, Condit first explains that the double jab can be used to move in closer towards the opponent. Then after the opponent takes a double jab to the face, the straight right clips him causing him to duck which places his head in the perfect position to finish with the uppercut.

When watching the eyes of Condit while he is striking into the air and explaining the technique, it is clear that he is envisioning an opponent standing right infront of him. He carries intention behind each of his movements, knowing exactly what he is going to do next. Each strike is calculated and holds a specific purpose.

Combat Tested Striking Combinations by Carlos Condit

If your goal is to focus more on technique and purposeful movement while training, you’re best off to study someone like Condit who’s experience allows him to create a real life, applicable situation in each of his training sessions. Check out Combat Tested Striking Combinations!