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Double Up The Elbow With John Wanye Parr

Double Up The Elbow With John Wanye Parr

Elbows are some of the most devastating strikes that a person can throw. Aside from just being a powerful strike that can Ko and opponent, it can also smash their bones and most notably, it is the strike with the highest likelihood of causing a cut. A cut is a weird thing that can happen in combat sports, they usually don’t hurt that much but the proceeding blood that can poor out of it can, if the cut is in the right palace, lead to blood getting in the eyes of the person with the cut, damaging the eyes and making it hard to keep them open. This can end a fight in itself and that’s without mentioning the possibility of literally having someone's skin falling off due to cuts from elbows. 

That’s why elbows are such an effective technique to learn and why they can score you a lot of points, especially in a Muay Thai competition. The only problem is that elbows are a super close range strike, seriously most elbows are shorter than traditional uppercuts. This means that most of the elbows that you will see are either from the clinch or will force the fighters to end up in the clinch. This is why  if you want to throw an elbow from the outside, you better do your best to get close, set the elbow up with some punches and be ready for any counters that might come at you. 

In this video, multiple time World Muay Thai Champion John Wayne Parr shows off a technique that he came up with on the fly in the middle of a fight (what a savage) to land an elbow from range. This technique is actually just a double up to a somewhat standard way to set up an elbow off of a jab using a hand trap. Hand traps are basically just manipulating your opponent’s hand or glove with your own hand, mainly just to move it out of the way to clear your opponent’s head for a strike. 


The combination/technique is very simple but the way it’s done makes it very effective. Basically you are going to jab yourself into range to land an elbow, your opponent, depending on how they respond, your opponent may cover up. From here you are going to reach out with your lead hand to the inside of their guard, pull down the arm that is covering the side you want to land the elbow on. From there you are going to throw the elbow. The majority of the time that you do this, that will be enough to land an elbow, but you might come across someone who has fast enough reflexes to pull their arm back, just like Parr did. 

This is where you do double up that hand trap and do it again. This works for a couple of reasons. First, most people don’t expect strikes to be doubled up, because aside from literally just a jab some of the time, most strikes are doubled up on by basically anyone.This makes it really surprising when someone doubles up the same hand trap combination, which is something literally nobody would think to double up on, except for John Wayne Parr. 

The second is that hand trapping multiple times will tire out your opponent’s arms and make it harder for them to pull their arm back to their head, giving you a bigger chance of landing that elbow. 

The Aussie Formula: Kickboxing Fundamentals by John Wayne Parr
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