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Entering The Clinch By Rafael Cordeiro

Entering The Clinch By Rafael Cordeiro


Rafael Cordeiro is an accomplished mixed martial arts fighter and one of the most sought after coaches, heading the famous Kings MMA gym located in Huntington Beach California.  Rafael Cordeiro is the current coach to Mike Tyson and has coached acclaimed fighters such as Wanderlei Silva, Mauricio Rua and Fabricio Werdum among many other accomplished Martial Artists! Here, Rafael shows how to enter into a clinch!


Rafael Cordeiro shows how to enter the plum position off of a blocked hook. Rafael has his student block the strike by raising his arm and bracing it against his head while slightly bending his knees to help absorb the impact, whatever hand blocked the punch is then going to reach out (careful not to fully extend the arm) and hook the back of the opponent's head.

Once the first hand makes contact and clinches, the second hand that was up protecting the head will move out and grab the opponent's head as well for a double collar tie. Cordeiro explains further that both hands should not reach at the same time or with wide elbows, you want to keep your elbows in so the opponent does not see it coming and counter your clinch attempt. 

The second variation Rafael Cordeiro shows is instead of catching a double collar tie clinch you just catch the one collar tie and elbow with the other hand. To land this elbow Cordeiro shows that you need a little bit of space, to make space Rafael shows to push with the collar tie. When pushing with the collar tie make special notice of how you are pushing. If you fully extend your arm you have no defense and the opponent can throw a punch over your arm, so instead what you want to do is keep your arm bent and push with your forearm that way you always have your guard still up protecting your face. 

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