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Eurostyle Combos With Morgan Charriere

Eurostyle Combos With Morgan Charriere

Currently in Mixed Martial Arts there are two bigfish in the pond of promotions. In the west you have the Ultimate Fighting Championship and in the east you have ONE Fighting Championship. In the short history MMA shares a similar storyline as pro wrestling in that there are one or two large promotions that will scoop up the great talent from smaller regional promotions. 

In the United States there was many regional promotions like MASS Destruction in the north east, Gladiator Fighting Championship in the South and a few others. If you fought in these shows and wanted to get a better payday and have a chance at higher caliber fighters you moved to one of the few multi-region shows. King of the Cage was that promotion for the USA. 

What if you lived in Europe? Traveling to the middle of America to fight for a promotion that might pay your 1 maybe 2 thousand dollars was not financially a good idea. That is where a man by the name of Dougie Truman comes into play. 

He saw the need for a medium sized promotion for the growing interest in MMA in Great Britain and the rest of Europe. He founded a promotion called CAGE WARRIORS. Dougie did not just start throwing bums into his promotion he found some of the best fighters from around the world that had not made it to the large promotions yet and gave them a stage to showcase their skills. 

Bigfoot Silva, Micheal Bisping, Connor McGregor, Dennis Siver, Martin Campman and Jeff Monson all have roots in the Cage warriors promotion. All of those guys have been champions or top contenders in the biggest promotions after their stint in Cage Warriors. 

Currently there is some buzz on the Cage Warriors front. Their Featherweight title has been vacated. There has been some controversy over who should fight for this open title, but two men have been on winning streaks and make for exciting fights regardless. 

First is finishing specialist “Mad” Max Coga. Coga has finished his 19 of 22 wins before the last bell and 11 of those have come via submission. The 31 year old german did drop two fights during his time in the PFL but is on a two fight win streak over opponents at a regional promotion back home. 

Next is Morgan “The last Pirate” Charriere from France, who also has an incredible finishing rate. With 74% of his wins coming via knockout or submission. Morgan is a high level striker who technically and in explosive fashion will finish his opponents.

Morgan has amazing head movement and likes to fight on the inside where he can land vicious strikes. It has served him well with 7 of his 15 wins coming via knockout. Morgan uses his great distance control and movement to lure his opponents in. 

For a better example of how Morgan lets his opponent close the distance so he can have striking opportunities check out his video below on a maneuver called “Catch and Counter”



This kind of defensive mastery is what has earned Morgan a shot at the upcoming feather weight title fight. 

Morgan does not retreat when his opponent throws a job, instead slips to the right and uses that momentum to drive a inside leg kick. Hopefully dislocating his opponents balance a bit. At his point many fighters back out and reset. 

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The Last Pirate is not going to garner any treasure by backing out so he plants that lead leg straight down. This places his stance inside his opponent's stance. Both fighters strikes will now be landing with more power. 

The advantage will go to Morgan as he is already moving to strike. Highlighting the fact he can wind up a shot to the liver and the head with a left hook.  To finish the exchange Morgan steps laterally with his lead leg and throws a left high kick to the head to finish. 

Advanced combos take time both on a bag and in the ring with partners before going lives with them. Timing can be everything. Mogan explains you want the strikes thrown at short intervals. Morgan also shows his ring IQ by taking an extra ½ step between his 3rd and 4th strike to be less predictable and throw off his opponents defensive measures. 

Morgan has a vast amount of knowledge and is currently training with some of the best MMA fighters in France. He has decided to share some of his striking intellect via an instructional. If you liked this last combination that is just  “Des Amuse Bouche’” or simply a taste of what he has to offer. 

His style is uniquely European in its approach, and that is why there was no better name than “European Striking Fundamentals” for his instructional. If you need any more convincing  that what he has to offer is legitimate, Check him out fighting for the Cage Warriors Featherweight title on September 26th.  

European Striking Fundamentals by Morgan Charriere

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