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Follow Ups Off The Overhand With Morgan Charriere

Follow Ups Off The Overhand With Morgan Charriere

The overhand right is the favorite strike of many fighters throughout the years, especially those who are of a shorter stature. The overhand right is one of the best counters to the jab that you can have. The overhand has both a ton of power and moves at the perfect angle to land. Your opponent’s lead side is also completely exposed as they are striking so it’s the perfect time to land a good shot. 

The overhand can also be used to set up other combinations as your opponent has been stunned. If you can land the overhand counter to the jab, you have so many options that open up to you. 

In this video, Morgan Charriere shows how to land the overhand counter to a jab and several follows to do after landing that strike. Morgan Charriere is a French Mixed Martial Artist and is currently competing in the European MMA promotion Cage Warriors in the featherweight division. 


The video starts off with Charriere showing the proper way to land the overhand right as a jab counter. It’s important to note that this counter works the way that Charriere shows it in the video because both he and his partner are in this same stance. If you and your partner are both in orthodox or both in southpaw, then you are in what is known as a close stance scenario with your chests facing different directions.


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This is what allows you to counter your opponent’s lead jab with your rear overhand. If you and your partner are in opposite stances than this counter doesn’t work, at least not in the same way. 

The counter itself is fairly simple, first you need to time their jab. This usually requires seeing your opponent lead with the jab a few times to understand their speed and timing. When you see your opponent jab, you are going to step in and simultaneously slip your head into the inside. As you're doing that you can now throw the overhand over your opponent’s shoulder and hit the side of their head. Aiming for the ear is a good option here as it will knock off their equilibrium and maybe even cause a knock down or knockout. 

After landing this shot you are loaded up on your lead side. Since you are also leaning over to avoid your opponent’s initial jab, you are in the perfect position to land a shot to the body. This is what Charriere recommends and he says that following up that body shot with a rear lead low kick. 

You can even follow up on that low kick. Charriere says that instead of retracting your leg  back to your stance after kicking, you can step to the side and switch stance. This makes it so that what is now your rear leg is perfectly lined up for a knee or a kick to the body. This second body shot after the last one increases the likelihood of dropping your opponent. 

If you don’t want to follow up the overhand counter with a body shot, you can also follow up with a kick off your lead leg. This kick can be to the leg, the body or the head.

European Striking Fundamentals by Morgan Charriere
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