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Ground And Pound From Inside The Full Guard By Greg Jackson

Ground And Pound From Inside The Full Guard By Greg Jackson


Setting up your ground and pound from inside your opponent’s full guard has it’s elements of risk, you are giving your opponent an opportunity to use his maneuvers against you, to gain the upper hand. With the right adjustments in your posture, and your approach to controlling your opponent, you can execute some successful ground and pound. 

In MMA if you are caught in your opponent’s guard, you can be swept off balance and wind up on the receiving end of some fight ending punches. You also run the risk of being submitted if you throw wild strikes from inside the guard. You have to develop a better way of staying safe, and successfully landing strikes by controlling your opponent’s posture.

In this video the famed Greg Jackson shows us his way of controlling his opponent, so he can land punches or elbows. He describes his control as “The Walrus Full Guard Anchor” because of the way you position your hips and anchor over your opponents hips.

And Along Came Greg Jackson!

Everybody in the fight business knows Greg Jackson, with his affiliation with Mike Winkeljohn they form Jackson Wink MMA Academy. Greg has trained many of the great fighters and champions in the UFC including George St Pierre, Rashad Evans, Holly Holm and Jon Jones. Greg Jackson’s expertise is second to none, and he is one of the most highly regarded and sought after coaches in the world. 

Check Out This Full Guard Ground And Pound Technique Below!

Greg Jackson’s insights into this video are extremely valuable, he explains how your opponent could use a range of different maneuvers to gain control of the fight. Greg continues to explain how to anchor your hips over your opponent so you can begin the hand fight.

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The Walrus Anchor! 

The first step to setting up this anchor is to line your eyes up with your opponent’s eyes, another way to look at this is to keep your spine in alignment with your opponent’s spine. You need to create a half posture by driving your hips into your opponent’s hips, and only posturing up your neck half way. In this position you need to grab hold of both biceps and firmly pin them to the mat.

The Hand Fight!

Once you have control of your opponent you must win the hand fight. Starting by controlling the biceps, you let go of one arm and reach to the top of their wrist. As your opponent tries to roll out of your hand grip, you instantly seize the opportunity and roll your elbow through and connect with your opponent’s head. You can also just let go of their wrist and execute the roll over elbow.

The key component to making this ground and pound work is to drop your head down with your elbow, so it creates an extreme amount of force and keeps you in the dominant postured position. Another good tip to remember is to make sure when you start your hand fighting you always go for the top of your opponent’s limbs, this is to prepare your elbow in the right position to execute the attack. 

Remember this easy loop as Greg Jackson describes it, Control, Walrus, Posture, Hand Fight then Strike. If you practise this sequence over and over you will master this control position and then be well on your way to grounding and pounding inside your opponent’s guard! 

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If you like this really cool concept that Greg Jackson brings to the screen and you want to learn more about ground and pound and how to anchor your opponent, then check out his series The Art & Science Of The Ground And Pound Part 3 Available exclusively on Dynamic Striking!