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Hard-Hitting Body Shots with Teddy Atlas

Hard-Hitting Body Shots with Teddy Atlas

 Body shots are usually taught in a way where the fighter can either hit the stomach, liver, or spleen. But few trainers will have you think about the sternum, chest, high ribs, and heart. Enter Teddy Atlas, world-famous boxing coach, commentator.  And now has 9 instructional videos on Dynamic Striking. In the video below, Teddy Atlas shows a technique that should work as a counter or as a lead. And fighters will not anticipate it as it's a different target to be hit at than most are used to.

Cupid Punch

The name of this technique, according to Teddy, is "Cupid Punch '' It's a right uppercut underneath the heart. Its purpose is to freeze the opponent for a split second longer, enough for you to throw follow-up punches. 


The Cupid punch aims to stop someone in their tracks when coming forward and halt their progress. It's a punch that can slow their momentum down. There are two versions of the Cupid Punch. A counter-attack version and an offensive version after throwing a Jab. Teddy says it works better off the counter as they walk into the punch, creating a collision under their chest. 

You can throw after leading with the Jab, but the counter version works better because they walk into your range. Their weight is shifted forward, so their chest is pointed down instead of attacking the opponent as they are backing up; as an offense, the right uppercut under the heart might be a little short on the target. 

The idea is you know you are fighting an aggressive fighter, and they will bite down on their mouthguard from now on. So to do it, you draw them into you by creating distance, then you drop your head and duck, and now you are underneath the second Jab. And note as you level change, fall heavily on the back leg, and the shoulder is positioned above the knee. Locked and ready to shoot right away. And underneath the Jab right there, you are in a position to throw the right uppercut to the body or under the heart and with options to follow up. 

Offensive Version

After leading with the Jab, the other option, the offense version, is to cause a reaction by having a good presence and see as soon as the Jab comes, you drop down and shoot the uppercut. So either step back then drop under the Jab and throw the right uppercut or go forward, force the reaction, then drop and throw the right uppercut

Technique Summary

  • Step back, then drop your weight above your back leg to avoid the double jab
  • You have a clear opening to the chest
  • Aim directly under the chest with options to follow up
  • Another option is to walk forward, force the jab, and counter with the cupid

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