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How To Catch A Basic Body Kick With UK Muay Thai Master Liam Harrison

How To Catch A Basic Body Kick With UK Muay Thai Master Liam Harrison


If you’re considering making the jump into the world of Muay Thai, learning how to deal with incoming body kicks is a must. 

Catching a basic body kick is one of the first moves beginning Muay Thai students drill because it sets up other strikes against your opponent. For instance, you can catch the kick and then hit them with a straight. Or, you can yank downward on the opponent’s leg once you have caught their kick and knock them off balance and then serve up a knee to the face. You can even throw the kick away and then close the gap to set up a devastating combination your opponent never saw coming.  

In this video, Muay Thai coach Liam Harrison shows how to properly catch an incoming body kick without taking damage in the process. 


Kill The Power

When it comes to catching a body kick, you need to lessen the leg’s momentum or you might get a cracked rib. Harrison said the first and most important thing to do is the step with the kick as you catch it. Taking a step in the direction the body kick is coming at you will ease the blow and enable you to grab your opponent’s leg and take control.

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Consider you your opponent throws a body kick to your right side. The coach said the easiest way to grab the kick is to step directly to your left side as you drop your right arm down to catch the kick. You want to put the majority of your body weight on the leg you are stepping with while catching the kick with your opposite hand. Don’t forget to cover up with your free arm or your opponent may be able to get a headshot in, said Harrison.

“I need to step with it [body kick] to kill the power,” Harrison said. “ If I don’t step, when I’m being kicked his shin hits my ribs. Whether I’m catching it or not, It’s going to hurt and it’s going to knock the wind out of me.”  

Make sure not to step back when trying to catch the kick or it will put you out of range properly grab the leg, while potentially taking a strike to your rib area. Stepping directly to the side of the incoming kick will allow getting a stronger hold of your opponent’s leg, said the coach. 

The coach stresses the importance of protecting your left side in this drill because that is where your liver is located. Taking a shot to the liver is hard to recover from and can leave you vulnerable for attack, said Harrison. 

Who Is Liam Harrison?

Coach Liam Harrison is considered one of the greatest Muay Thai practitioners the United Kingdom has ever produced. Known for his aggressive style, powerful left hook, and bone-shattering low kicks, Harrison has won eight world titles during his career. For more than a decade, Harrison has trained athletes and common people across the UK and US. As a coach, Harrison uses his experience in the sport to help newcomers and practitioners of all levels become better versions of themselves. 

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