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How To Deal With Bigger Opponents On The Inside By Teddy Atlas

How To Deal With Bigger Opponents On The Inside By Teddy Atlas

Inside fighting is one of the most exciting styles to watch in boxing; when both boxers get in close on each other, fight fans know that there will be action. A good inside fighter looks to pressure the opponent and overwhelm him with short and powerful strikes from all angles while evading the shots coming his way.


Still, many practitioners are not comfortable on the inside, it feels for them like there is a sword hanging over their head, and it’s a matter of time until they are caught with a punch in this intense pressure pocket.


But some fighters made an art out of inside fighting, and we should model them, understand how they can be composed and effective on the inside with the correct technique. When we look at Mike Tyson or Roberto Duran, for example, we can see how they get in close on their opponent and technically beating their opponent while staying safe.


The first thing practitioners should work on when learning to fight on the inside is to stay composed; most of them face panic and open themselves for easy counters as they throw punches around aimlessly, just trying to hit something.


An effective inside fighter must never fight a brawl; it is always a calculated attack after analyzing the opponent and laying traps for him. some basic core principles you can apply to stay composed on the inside will be:

  • Keep your head off the centerline and defense tight
  • Keep your punches short, not giving openings 
  • Stay composed with your eyes open, constantly analyzing your opponent


In this video, Teddy Atlas will show us how to deal with bigger opponents on the inside by moving around them.


Who Is Teddy Atlas?

Teddy Atlas is a well-known boxing coach with many accomplishments as a teacher, developing and working with countless world champions. Teddy is one of our last memories of the great Cus D’Amato, as he was one of the few that took Cus’s knowledge and spread it around the world. Teddy has been living boxing for four full decades, and he has dedicated his life to the sport; because of people like him, the sport stays alive and grows tremendously. 


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Moving Around The Mountain

This video is a preview Teddy Atlas gives us and a small taste of how much the videos on dynamic striking can teach you. In this video, we will talk about inside fighting one of the specialties of Teddy.

The trick Teddy will show us today on the inside is called “Around The Mountain,” it’s a technique used against bigger and stronger opponents when we fight on the inside. Before we learn the technique, we must understand that a strong opponent must set his feet to be powerful and dangerous enough with his shots, so our goal is to take that option away.

When we want to keep our opponent’s feet moving on the inside, so he cant get set, we want to move around him with short punches. When we move around the opponent, he cannot hit us with power, unlike moving in a linear line back and forth when we are going around him, the angle created forces him to turn and lose the ability to set himself.

Notice when Teddy shows us how to move around the heavy bag with short hooks; he uses short steps, which allows him to be very quick and precise about how he is always circling and staying balanced.

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