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How To Defend Against Front Kicks With Juan Cruz Quintana

How To Defend Against Front Kicks With Juan Cruz Quintana

Front kicks are weapons that are getting more and more used in MMA but they have been in use widely in Muay Thai and Kickboxing since both sports inception. For the most part front kicks are thought about kind of like jabs. Front kicks help keep and check range, they can push your opponent back and front kicks can be used to set up combinations and other strikes. 

More and more fighters are using front kicks in MMA, both the snapping style or the pushing style. Since they are a new technique to the sport, a lot of MMA fighters arte actually having trouble dealing with them. This makes front kicks a great weapon to add to your arsenal, especially right now when people aren’t experienced with dealing with them. 

However, what is even more important than learning to use front kicks, especially if you don’t want to use them, is learning how to defend against them. You want to be able to defend against this new weapon that people are using. Being able to shut this down will not only protect you from it but it will also mess with your opponent's head. 

Luckily for us we have someone here to show us how to defend against front kicks.

In this video, Juan Cruz Quintana goes over how to defend against front kicks and set up counters off of that defense. 

Who Is Juan Cruz Quintana 

Juan Cruz Quintana is an Argentinian Kickboxer and Muay Thai fighter and is the founder of Quintana Combat. Quintana is one of the best coaches and kickboxers coming out of South America.


The video starts off with coach Quintana saying that whenever your opponent front kicks, the proper way to defend is to sweep the kicking leg to the inside. The inside meaning that you are sweeping the leg to go over or past your opponent's other leg. 

To do this, use the arm that is on the opposite of the leg that your opponent is kicking with. This means if your opponent is kicking with their left leg, you want to use your left arm to scoop/sweep the leg. 

To properly sweep the leg you want to bring your arm around in an arcing motion and push the kick away with the palm of your glove before it makes contact with you. Do this and the kick will easily move to the side and break your opponents stance and balance. 

Now that isn’t the end of it. After sweeping away the kick, you are in a prime position to counter. With your opponent’s back facing you, you should go for a low kick to your opponent's hamstrings. This will be impossible for them to block or dodge, as they can’t turn around fast enough to defend. Your opponent is also likely trying to find their balance after having their front kick defended against.

You can do this to either side that your opponent is facing, as either way their back is to you. You can also sweep out your opponent’s legs and put them on their back if you want to as they are in prime position for it. 

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