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How To Disengage Using The Jab With Teddy Atlas

How To Disengage Using The Jab With Teddy Atlas

When it comes to fighting, there's a lot of talk about the different ways to hit your opponent. This is because everyone wants to hit a person, a bag, some mitts and maybe even their shadow. What there is a lot less talk about is actually getting into range to land those strikes. What’s talked about even less than that is the ability to disengage from an exchange or even before one starts. 

After landing a shot or a combination, a lot of fighters both new and experienced, will just stand in front of their opponent after. This leaves that fighter open to counter punches or getting stuck in exchanges. 

The more you leave yourself open to exchanges and counter punches, the more chances you have to lose a fight, either by getting knocked out or by giving your opponent opportunities to score. That’s why you need to know how to disengage after you get your shots out, so you can stay safe and choose when you fight. So, we’ve brought in one of the best boxing coaches of all time to show you a method of disengaging.

In this video, the legendary boxing coach Teddy Atlas goes over how you can use the double jab to stop your opponent from firing back at you after you strike. 

Who is Teddy Atlas? 

Teddy Atlas is a boxing coach who has been in the fight game since before most of the top modern fighters were born. Now coach Teddy spends his time as a coach, an analyst and a commentator for the great sport of boxing. On top of his years of experience he’s worked with a ton of top fighters like Michael Moorer and helped out Mike Tyson in his early years. 

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How To Disengage Using The Jab 


The video starts with coach Teddy going over how if you're well versed in certain techniques, you can use them for different purposes. He compares this to a person who has a strong vocabulary, like Orson Wells. 

Coach Teddy goes on to talk about how you can throw the double jab to one side after slipping punches. After you slip off to a side, throw your double jab out, you can do this either after slipping a punch or after you throw a combination. 

This works for a few reasons. The first so that the double jab is likely to get your opponent to move back and/or cover up. If your opponent is doing this then they can’t possibly try to counter or draw you into an exchange. 

The other reason is that if you move to the side properly you shouldn’t be in front of your opponent. You should be at a strong angle where they can’t punch you but you can hit them. This means that they will need time to orient themselves to even attempt to throw back at you. 

The last is that throwing the double jab puts you back in your stance, meaning you are able to move and defend properly, even if your opponent tries to throw back at you. This isn’t the case with a rear hand strike, where you need to reset after throwing. 

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