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How to Escape Knees by Jean-Charles Skarbowsky

How to Escape Knees by Jean-Charles Skarbowsky


Jean-Charles Skarbowsky is a French Muay Thai and kickboxer with a record of 75 wins, 51 of which are by knockouts! Jean-Charles is maybe best known from his appearance on The Ultimate Fighter where he was the guest Muay Thai coach for team George St-Pierre. Here Skarbowsky shows one of his methods for escaping your opponent's long knee strike!


As the opponent switches his stance to load up the lead leg for a strong knee strike, Jean-Charles Skarbowsky looks to make a step to the side of his opponent with the lead leg. Once Jean-Charles makes his step he then looks to make a quarter circle turn with the back leg while simultaneously pushing his opponents back with his left hand to create a split second of off balance.

Once Skarbowsky pushes his opponent and makes an angle behind him, Jean-Charles can follow up with whatever he likes. If the opponent is close, you can follow with punches if they are a little bit further away, you can follow up with a kick!

 Beginner Edition: Muay Thai Masterclass by Jean-Charles Skarbowsky

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