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How To Practice The Lead Sidekick By Striking Legend Jerome Le Banner

How To Practice The Lead Sidekick By Striking Legend Jerome Le Banner


Jerome Le Banner is a legend in the striking world. Having fought for many years in K1 in one of the best eras in any combat sport. Having really good fights and multiple remaches with Ernesto Hoost, Peter aerts, Mark hunt. Being that it was a tournament style and it was ultra competitive. Everyone had their own style and ways to win competition. Jerome Le Banner was known for his balance in stance, knockout power in both hands and feet, and mastery of the basics

Jerome Le Banner and Jeet Kun Do

Le Banner started practicing martial arts by training in Jeet Kun Do at around 14 years of age after watching Bruce Lee's movie Fist of fury. And then later transitioned and got his black belt in Kyokushin Karate and Judo and then to Muay Thai Kickboxing. Throughout his career he has maintained his natural Southpaw Stance Jerome is a natural southpaw. Where his dominant side the right side is on the lead and his weak side is on the rear. Something that Bruce Lee advocated long ago having realized that you will use your lead side 70-80% of the time so why not use the dominant hand on the lead as opposed to on the rear.

The Jerome Le Banner Sidekick Drill


Here he is showing a side kick that resembles very much what Bruce Lee would do. Which is to start in a bladed stance not a squared stance where the back heel and front toe are aligned. He calls it "Fancy Style" then starts by cross stepping forward the back leg behind the front leg. Lifting the leg and kicking after gaining the leverage needed

Steps To Build Up A Good Sidekick

As Jerome and his student show here you start this drill by having one partner hold their gloves on top of each other palm facing backwards to stomach catch the sidekick taking the force of the kick on the backhand of the gloves. This is not how to defend the sidekick this is to make sure that the sidekick is straight and that the kick's trajectory doesn't go too high which will make you lose balance, core engagement,and eventually lose the power behind the kick.

A good tip that Jerome Le Banner and his student used here is putting a jab feint or blinder to the opponent's eyes at the moment you are crosssteping forward and then sneak in the leg to your opponent's body. It's important to not let the leg go too high ; you want the trajectory to be as straightforward as possible. 

Traditionally with the side kick fighters would step forward with the back leg to make the back toes kiss the front heel and then lift the lead leg from there. Bruce Lee and Jerome Le Banner like to go all the way until the back leg goes in front hence the blinder to give them time. That way more power and more leverage in the kick

After target practicing the sidekick on the gloves now it's time to actively defend it. As the sidekick comes you will defend the same technique you use defending the front kick or "teep". You Brush it off with your lead hand's palm in a circular downward fashion as shown in the video and grab the achilles heel then force the opponent's leg to hit the ground.

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