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Katel : Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Katel : Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Katel Kubis?

Vitelmo Kubis Bandeira, better known as Katel Kubis, is a former MMA fighter from Sao Paolo, Brazil who now works as a striking coach. He currently works at the legendary MMA camp, American Top Team in Miami, Florida. He’s also worked with a ton of top tier fighters like legend of the sport Anderson Silva and former One Championship Flyweight champion Adriano Moraes.

What this article covers:

Katel Kubis competed in the early 2000s, when MMA was becoming more of the organized sport that we know today and moving away from the “human cockfighting” label that haunted the sprot in the 90s. Before turning to MMA, Katel Kubis fought as in Kickboxing and Muay Thai fights in Brazil and masses an impressive Muay Thai record of 61 wins and just 4 losses. 

Katel Kubis had his first professional match in Brazil in 2001 and had his last match seven years later in 2008. Having not competed in pro MMA in over a decade, Katel Kubis spends his time working with the fighters at American Top Team in Florida, acting mainly working as a striking coach for big name fighters in the worlds top promotions like the UFC, Bellator and One Championship. 

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Katel Kubis age

Some of those big names include former UFC strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk, former One Championship Flyweight champion Adriano Moraes. 

Katel Kubis Family

Katel Kubis has two brothers. 

How Much is Katel Kubis Worth?

Katel Kubis’ estimated net worth in 2022 is currently unknown. 

How Tall is Katel Kubis

Katel Kubis’ official height is currently unknown. 

What is Katel Kubis’ Reach? 

Katel Kubis’ official reach is currently unknown. 

How Much Does Katel Kubis Weigh?

Katel Kubis’s official weight is currently unknown to the records. 

Katel Kubis Fight List 

Katel Kubis’ official MMA record starts in 2001 with his pro debut at Meca World Vale Tudo against Marcelo Ferreira. It's not known how, but Katel Kubis did win this match. Ketel Kubis had his next recorded MAM match two years later in 2003 where he fought in the Russian promotion International Absolute Fighting Council at the IAFC: World Championship 2003 tournament. 

In the first round, Katel fought against Valeri Darchiyev and won in less than a minute with a TKO. However, in his next match, Katel would, unfortunately, lose by submission in less than two minutes into the first round of his match against Ansar Chalangov.

In his next match, Katel Kubis competed at Shooto Switzerland against Ross Mason and won via KO in less than a minute into the first round. In his next match, Katel Kubis defeated Mick Broster before going on to compete in the Shoot Boxing, S Cup 2004. 

In the first round of the tournament, Katel Kubis fought Kenichi Ogata and won by TKO. In the second round, Katel, unfortunately, lost to Hiroki Shishido by a decision. Kubis then fought Julian Soares at a Shooto Brazil event with the fight going to a draw. 

Kubis then fought again at a Brazilian event known as Storm Samurai, a Brazilian promotion, in 2005 and lost to Fabrício Camões. Kubis would make a comeback by competing at a Shooto Holland event and defeat his opponent, Gideon Ackermans, by armbar in the first round to pick up his one and only professional win by submission. 

Kubis then continued his win streak by beating Nelson Semedo at an Italian regional show. After that Katel Kubis would make his debut with one of Brazil’s biggest MMA promotions, Jungle Fight in 2006 against Tony DeSouza, unfortunately, Katel lost this match. 

Kubis lost again when he competed in a Sao Paolo regional promotion in a fight with a young, pre-UFC Demian Maia. Then Katel Kubix made a comeback at his debut match for Rage in the Cage against Adrian Valdez and won. 

In his last professional MMA match, Katel Kubis fought in a New Mexico regional promotion in November of 2008 and won the match against Chris Thomas.

Who Did Katel Kubis Lose to?

In pro-MMA, Katel Kubis lost to five people, those people were Ansar Chalangov, Hiroki Shishido, Fabrício Camões, Tony DeSouza, and Demian Maia. 

What is Katel Kubis Record

In Muay Thai, Katel Kubis had a total of 65 fights with an impressive record of 61 wins and only 4 losses. This gives Katel Kubis a win rate of 94 percent. 

In MMA, Katel Kubis had 17 official matches with 9 wins, 5 losses and 1 draw. This gives Katel Kubis a victory rate in MMA of 52 percent. 

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Katel Kubis weight

Who Has Katel Kubis Coached

Katel Kubis has trained several big name fighters including:

  • Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva 
  • Former UFC strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk
  • Former One Championship Flyweight Champion Adriano Moraes 
  • UFC Welterweight Santiago Ponzinibbio
  • UFC Lightweight Francisco Trinaldo
  • UFC Heavyweight Augusto Sakai
  • Former PFL Lightweight champion Natan Schulte

What Titles Has Katel Kubis Held 

Its unknown what titles Katel Kubis won during his long combat sports career. 

Has Katel Kubis Had Any Serious Injuries

Katel Kubis has not suffered any serious injuries worth noting here. 

Is Katel Kubis Retired?

Katel Kbus had his last professional MMA match in 2008 in a winning effort for a New Mexico based promotion. While he has not competed since then Katel Kubis continues to work as a striking coach for many top level fighters out of American Top Team in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, one of the biggest MMA camps in the world.  

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