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Kyle Bochniak Teaches How To Cover Distance With Your Jab

Kyle Bochniak Teaches How To Cover Distance With Your Jab


Kyle Bochniak is a Featherweight professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter, fighting out of Broadway Jiu Jitsu in Boston Massachusetts. Kyle Bochniak amassed an impressive 6-0 record before signing with UFC where he took a fight on short notice as a replacement fighter. Kyle Bochniak has since gone on to fight for the UFC multiple more times! Here, he shows how to perform his long step to cover distance and escape back out of range!


The jab can have many different uses. You can use the jab to probe your opponent's defenses and feel out the range, you can use it defensively to maintain distance, it can be fast and not as hard hitting as well as heavy and hard hitting. Kyle Bochniak shows how to use a jab paired with a long step to quickly close distance and tag the opponent and then get back out again.

Kyle shows that once he has found his range he will use his long step to close that line of engagement he calls it, immediately after hitting he gets right back, always expecting that opponent to throw something and try to counter him.  Bochniak further explains that you cannot be lazy with your jab. If you stick that jab out and leave your chin up, you will get tagged. If you stick that jab out and drop your hand as it retracts, you will get tagged. 

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Kyle Bochniak shows that you should touch your shoulder to your ear when you throw this jab and that he is throwing it a little higher than his eye level, this protects his chin, neck and temple, the three main knockout points. If Kyle jabs to the body, he does not punch low, that would compromise the defensive portion of the jab, leaving his face open for counter shots. Instead what Kyle does is he bends his knees to lower his level while maintaining straight posture with his spine, this prevents him from leaning too far over his lead leg, again which would not only compromise his defense but also his movement. 

Kyle Bochniak is always ready for the opponent to try and counter him. He explains that you have to be aware of the gaps in your techniques, to help avoid leaving too many gaps, Kyle explains that your right hand must be up high, elbow in tight defending the other side of your head from counters such as kicks. Bochniak finishes by showing how he can use small step to get close, throw a light “feather” jab to check distance and when he is ready he can use his long step to quickly close the distance, land a hard jab and push back off his lead leg to get back past the line of engagement, putting him back in a safe zone outside of his opponents striking range!

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