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Land The Low Kick Repeatedly With Bas Rutten

Land The Low Kick Repeatedly With Bas Rutten


The low kick is one of those moves that is seen in every fight but doesn’t get enough credit for its importance, the ability to throw low kicks and not just for show but truly hurt your opponent, again and again, is an art not many are using effectively.

Cut the legs, and the head will fall, we all heard that saying, and there is a good reason behind it, an opponent that cannot move because of a damaged leg will be a stationary target waiting to be finished like a dear in the headlights.

The main problem with many of the low kicks is that many practitioners don’t have a “delivery system” for them; they just throw them making them easy to block and leaves them in agony with a painful shin.

To land the low kick consistently, we want to have a system behind it, which will make sure we are landing our kicks and minimizing the chances of an opponent blocking or countering.

Let’s have a look at the setups we can use to land our low kicks:

  1. using punches to push him back and land a low kick on the weightless leg dealing a lot of damage
  2. using the left hook as a push instead of a strike to move the opponent head over his lead foot, making it impossible to block or evade and landing the low kick
  3. using a bump or a pivot to make an opponent turn and face us while we throw a low kick to his pivoting leg
  4. faking the low kick and making the opponent block so we can catch his leg coming down


In this video, Bas is going to show us how he lands the low kicks, consistently smashing his opponent legs


Who Is Bas Rutten 

Bas Rutten is one of the most famous hall of Famers; Bas was The heavyweight UFC champion who was scary back in the day, knocking many of his opponents with devastating liver shots. Other than fighting, Bas is known for being an actor, a coach, and even a character inside video games.

Smashing The Leg With Low Kicks

In this video, Bas is going to work a drill with us; in this drill, we are going to imagine that we have hurt our opponent’s leg through a low kick, and now he is heavy on it, and we want to finish him by landing more kicks and accumulating the damage.

First, we need to understand that we want to smash our opponent’s leg in this drill meaning there is no break in between combinations. It’s just a cycle between the setup and the low kick. The setup will keep changing every time to land the kick until the opponent is finished.

So let’s go over the setups we are going to work with:

  1. Left hook - Right low kick
  2. Hook - Cross - Hook - Low kick
  3. Cross to the body - Hook - Low kick 
  4. Jab - Cross - Low kick (finishing sequence)

Now that we know our setups, we can start drilling but remember we will cycle between all the combinations until we feel he is ready to be finished. Only then we are going to use our finishing sequence, the Jab - Cross - Low kick combo, we use it at last because instead of putting weight on his leg (like the other setups), making it hard for him to block now, we want him to pull his weight back so we can land our low kick on a relaxed muscle and finish the fight.

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