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Learn The Tactics Behind The Spin Back Kick With The Legendary Raymond Daniels

Learn The Tactics Behind The Spin Back Kick With The Legendary Raymond Daniels


The spin back kick has been a signature move used in taekwondo/karate/kickboxing, and MMA. 

It always seemed like the spin attacks, in general, had something special to them and flashiness we only see in the movies.

The problem with many of the spin attacks is the success rate that seems to be pretty low in comparison to other successful kicks like:

  • middle kick
  • high kick
  • front kick
  • sidekick

The catch with the spin-back kick is that it carries a lot of power with it, and this makes us think twice before counting out a strike that can quickly finish the fight.

If we manage to perform the spin-back kick correctly and land it consistently, we are one step closer to becoming a dangerous fighter that can finish the fight at any moment.

In this video, Raymond Daniels goes over what he calls “Dimension 3 Spin Back Kick,” which he uses from punching distance.

Who Is Raymond Daniels?

 Raymond Daniels is one of the most aggressive and flashy strikers the sport has seen. 

Daniels is a multiple times world champion in sport’s karate, kickboxing, and accomplished taekwondo and MMA athlete.

 Daniels competes for Bellator MMA and Bellator Kickboxing at the age of 41 and is considered by many as one of the most dangerous fighters to compete with nowadays. 



Technique Breakdown

The video starts off with Raymond Daniels saying that Dimension 3 is he’s favorite Dimension.

He likes it so much because he can use it against an opponent rushing forward and closing the distance on him, and he can use it to create space, which is very valuable for kickers.

So we start in our bladed stance (karate/taekwondo stance). Remember Dimension 3 is used against a rushing opponent or if I'm the one engaging with my hands.

From here, we’re going to learn to create space and transfer power with the torque of the rotation into our opponent. 

Now we’re going to pull our front leg and switch it with our back leg; when I do that, I need to make sure I land with my heel and hips pointed at my opponent, and I don’t get over pivoted because this will open our hips something that will lead us to miss the target and fall off balance.

When I switch my feet, I need to transition my hands in the spin direction, which creates torque for the spin simultaneously. 

From here, I'm going to look over my shoulder at my target and slightly lean my head forward/away from my opponent so he doesn’t land any strikes on me. 

The next step is to throw the back kick at the opponent while my feet switch and land.

After landing the kick, I need to do what Raymond calls “The cross out,” where I pull my foot in front and across my posted leg to pivot back, landing in our opposite base (stance).

Key Details For Success

  • Start in bladed stance at punching distance
  • Switch front and back foot with a pivot pointing our hips at the target
  • Look over the shoulder
  • Throw the kick at the same time the switch occurs
  • Retract with“The cross out.”

Learn More From Raymond Daniels

The Art of The Spin Kick Volume 1 by Raymond Daniels

If you want to learn more about the system Raymond use’s to land his spin-back kicks and all the 3 Dimensions he talks about, then check out “The art of the spin kick VOLUME 1 by Raymond Daniels” available exclusively; on Dynamic Striking!