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Learn To Create Angles and Improve Your Footwork With American Top Team Coach Katel Kubis

Learn To Create Angles and Improve Your Footwork With American Top Team Coach Katel Kubis


Having the ability to create angles with your footwork after throwing a combo will dramatically increase your chances of beating your opponent. While they are trying to catch you and counter, you’re already on their peripheral giving them all the smoke they said they wanted before the match. 

When two fighters of similar ability and power meet face to face in the ring, it’s wise to bet on the one who has the better footwork. That’s the fighter who will be able to use their feet to avoid incoming punches instead of taking shots and then trying to counter.  

In this video, American Top Team Striking Coach Katel Kubis teaches a great way to create angles with your footwork while striking your opponent. 

Switch Your Stance

“Sometimes he’s [your opponent] still coming forward with a lot of pressure and you have to create space,” Kubis said. “That’s why we’re going to show you [how to] make a defensive technique by creating the space and you have to switch [your] stance, first of all.” 

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Let’s assume you are fighting in an orthodox stance and are backing off after serving up a quick 1-2 combo to your opponent’s head. The coach said the best way to create space when your opponent is coming forward is by quickly switching your front leg with your back leg after taking a few steps back. Now that your body is on the other side of your opponent and you are in a southpaw stance, step to the side with your front leg and pivot your back leg out of the way. At this point, you should be facing your opponent’s left side and ready to strike. 

Drilling With Partner

  • Take two steps forward as your opponent takes two steps back. 

  • Strike and then take two steps back.

  • Switch your stance from orthodox to southpaw while the opponent is coming forward. 

  • Step left with your front leg that’s in a southpaw stance. 

  • Pivot your back leg to the left after grounding your front leg and return to stance. You should be out of harm’s way and ready to throw.

“To get the momentum, I put the pressure on him, boom, and then he comes [forward] but I’m still too close. I have to create space,” Kubis said. “When he comes [forward], my back leg is going to push me [to the left] and my head will follow at the same time. Now I’ll be on his back.” 

Punching Perfection

Kubis also said the move is one of the most effective for defensive striking. Once you switch your stance to southpaw, throw a jab with your right hand and then step your front leg to the left. Finish the movent by pivoting your back leg to the left and throw a cross punch at the left side of your opponent. They’ll never see it coming. You can also add a right hook after the initial jab before you step to the left if you’re quick enough. 

Watch For Leg Kicks

The coach warns you to watch out for incoming kicks to your shins and calf once your opponent comes forward. Should they catch you with a kick, it might make switching your stance difficult and allow your opponent to close the gap. Kubis suggests trying to bait your opponent with your front leg in orthodox stance and then switching your stance to southpaw and create the angle to be in optimal striking position while they are off-balance. 

Who is Katel Kubis?

Vitelmo “Katel” Kubis Bandeira is a striking coach at the acclaimed professional mixed martial arts academy, American Top Team, and a legend in the international Muay Thai community. Before joining the prestigious MMA training facility, the Sao Paulo native trained under ninjutsu master Noguchi Sensei and has a professional Muay Thai record of 61-4. Kubis also has a lengthy professional MMA career in the lightweight division from 2001 to 2008 with a record of 8-4-1.

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