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Mastering The Lead Leg Kick By Owen Roddy

Mastering The Lead Leg Kick By Owen Roddy


Nowadays in all forms of combat sports, utilizing a lead leg kick is very common and is an extremely effective weapon. It can be used to keep your opponent at a distance away from you or it can be great for you to set up a takedown. Another good application for the lead leg kick is simply to cause damage or achieve a knockout.

There are right and wrong ways to execute kicks on your opponent. We have all seen in recent times MMA fighters suffer horrific leg breaks as a result of a poorly timed kick. When you aim to kick your opponent you can use the bottom half of your shin as long as it is aimed at the head. you should be using the top half of your shin when you are kicking to the body or the legs. Picture your leg as a baseball bat, the bottom half of your shin is the handle and the top half is the meaty part of the bat, using the top half of your shin will maximize the damage from your attack.

In this video Dynamic Striking has brought you the Irish coaching legend Owen Roddy to pass on his knowledge of applying the lead leg kick. 

Who Is Owen Roddy?

The Irishman Owen Roddy is a former Mixed Martial Artist holding an MMA record of 11 wins and 4 losses. He is also a professional MMA coach and he teaches out of Straight Blast Gym in Charlestown. Owen Roddy is the striking coach of the famed Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor and Owen is described by Conor as indispensable. 

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Check Out The Lead Leg Kick Principles Taught By Owen Roddy Below!

This video starts with Owen Roddy showing how he attacks with his lead leg, he talks about aiming his kicks to the inside of his opponent’s thigh or just above the knee. Another spot you can aim for is the calf; this will help to unbalance your opponent. 

Owen talks about distance, and says you have to keep your hands up when you kick, especially when you are up close to your opponent. You can also frame by reaching your hand out towards your opponent’s face, but this is used more for when you are further away to help gauge your opponents range, like Owen Roddy said “ It’s a preference”.

An important detail to remember is; when you attack with this lead leg kick you must apply a half step forward with your back leg. Then you can pop the lead leg kick to the thigh, body or head of your opponent. Always remember once you have landed the kick, as you recoil the leg take another half step back with your back leg again, this is to reset your hips so you can easily attack again with a second kick.

So take these principles taught by a great striking coach in Owen Roddy and start practising your lead leg kick, then you could climb your way to the top just like Conor McGregor did!

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