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Muay Thai Strikes From The Leg Kick Fake By Jake Mainini

Muay Thai Strikes From The Leg Kick Fake By Jake Mainini

There has always been talk about which Martial Arts is the most effective, anybody who is anybody knows that Muay Thai, also known as Thai Kickboxing is the real deal. There are a lot of current and former Mixed Martial Artists that use Muay Thai techniques inside the cage, like Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Jose Aldo and Edson Barboza! 

Adapting Muay Thai strikes into your weaponry as a Mixed Martial Artist is a very smart move. Using a proper clinch and executing elbows and knees will hold you in good stead when you're competing at the top level. Adapting these techniques by adding in elements from boxing and wrestling will build you into a champion.

In this video Jake Mainini shows us some Muay Thai striking you can utilize by throwing leg kick hip fakes at your opponent. The best way to gage how you can effectively throw a leg kick hip fake is to actually throw a leg kick, follow it up with another one so you can see your opponent's reaction. Now you know how they will defend your kick so you can throw the fake and exploit their reaction.

Who Is Jake Mainini?

Jake Mainini is a former professional Muay Thai Kickboxer and a current owner and coach teaching out of Hard Knocks in Boston. Jake has worked with many fighters over several fighting promotions including the UFC where he coached greats like Calvin Kattar and Rob Font.

Watch This Video On Muay Thai Attacks Below!


Setting up this kind of attack you can't just go in with a kick, it’s too predictable. You have to open up and come in with a jab before you throw your kick, a good leg kick is always set up with a jab, double jab or punch combination. In this video Jake Mainini uses just a jab to set up his leg kick.

Lead In Elbow!

The first technique Jake shows us is the Lead In Elbow. The first thing to do is throw the jab, then throw the hip fake, as your opponent's leg lifts up to check the kick, you need to step in with your rear leg. At the same time grab your opponent's arm to control it and then drive in with your lead elbow and connect with your opponent's head. An important detail to remember is, as you connect with your elbow tuck in your chin and keep your elbow well in front of your face, this will assist you in staying safe and maximizing the damage on your opponent.

Double Hand Control To Knee!

In this maneuver you have to control both hands, so set up your fake and then step in just like the first technique. As you step in, take control of both hands, now you can pull your opponent towards you, then drive that lead knee straight into the solar plexus, rib area or the head.

The Jumping Scissor Knee!

The last technique has the same setup as the first two, throw your jab then use your hip fake. As they try to block the kick, you can load up straight down the line with your rear leg and jump it high, using the momentum as you jump, swing your other knee and drive it into your opponent’s bread basket or the head, if you are athletic enough! This technique is sure to be a showstopper!

Now you can add these maneuvers to your striking armoury! and get yourself well on the way to becoming a champion! 

Learn More About Muay Thai With Jake Mainini! 

The Fundamental System of Muay Thai by Jake Mainini
If you liked watching Jake Mainini go through these Muay Thai Attacks and you are wanting to learn more then check out Jake’s series The Fundamental System of Muay Thai Available exclusively on Dynamic Striking!