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Next Level Knees From Muay Thai Great Singdam

Next Level Knees From Muay Thai Great Singdam

Knees are some of the most important strikes in all of Muay Thai due to them not only dealing a ton of damage but they also score a ton of points in competition. In this video, multiple time Lumpinee champion and Lumpinee stadium fighter of the year, Singdam Kiatmuu9 demonstrates the way that the forward knee strike is thrown from outside of a clinch situation in Muay Thai. 


The video starts with Singdam talking about the importance of stepping in when you are going for a knee strike from the outside. This will not only help to generate force in that strike, but also help in the speed of the knee when you are trying to get it off the ground. Doing this will also get you into range for landing the knee. The knee is typically used as a close range technique because of the lack of range that knees have. Due to this you need to step into something of a danger zone in order to land this strike.

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Because of the close proximity that you need to have to your opponent, you will need to make sure that you are being defensively responsible while you are throwing this strike. This is why Singdam talks about how important it is to keep your opposite hand up, protecting your head while you throw the knee. In this case if you are throwing your rear knee, your lead hand comes up to protect that side of the head. The same side arm, in this case the rear arm, goes downwards as the knee is going up. Singdam says this helps to generate power. 

Singdam then goes on to stress the importance of bringing your leg back into your stance and not letting it fall forward. If you let it fall forward you will fall into the opposite stance, which you are probably not as experienced with. This means that you will not be used to defending in this stance and you will be open to counter attacks. Landing forward instead of retreating the leg will also put you in a position that is very close to your opponent, and possibly force you into the clinch. 

Singdam then goes on to show how to strike with the lead knee with the switch knee. The switch knee is very similar to the switch kick. When you switch knee, switch your stance in place but land with what was your rear leg, now being your lead and have it pointing outwards on an angle. If you switch properly there will be no need to step out to knee. If you feel like you are somewhat out of range for landing the knee, you can take some distance by hopping forward while switching. 

While throwing the switch knee, remember to stay defensively responsible. This means keeping your opposite hand up just like with the rear knee. The difference with the switch knee is that Singdam lands with his feet right next to each other and then returns to his normal stance. Ideally you will land back into the opposite stance fully and then switch. Even though it would put him back into his normal stance, it is important to not land forward after the knee, as it puts you into a dangerous position with a wide open base and close proximity to your opponent.

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