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Next Level Muay Thai with Saenchai!

Next Level Muay Thai with Saenchai!

You know how the old adage goes “Old age and treachery will be youth and guile”. It seems that with experience comes a few tricks that the newcomers haven’t seen. It is that deception that gives older fighters a bit of an edge while in the ring.

When it comes to Thai boxing none have more treachery then the legend Saenchai. He has been fighting for so long and is still winning championships. There has never been a more dominant champion that has held the duration that he has.

Saenchai is that fighter that is ahead of his time, Much like a Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzky he seems untouchable. Simply he is on that next level.

Don’t believe me? Saenchai has won 299 of his 346 fights and has 5 draws on his record. So in almost three hundred and fifty fights he has lost only 40 times. In Western boxing 40 fights would be a total career, but Saenchai has fought the best and won. An 87% win percentage is pretty good considering such high numbers.

No one has ever complained that Saenchai put on a boring fight, or runs away. Saenchai made his name on fancy counters like climbing the clinch and elbowing down on the head, handstand kicks and spinning strikes.

For instance, look at how Saenchai uses a simple leg kick set up to kick to the body. Much like a double jab in western boxing it is not uncommon for Thai Boxers to throw doubles and triples of leg kicks, so when Saenchai Kicks again. He knows the check is coming, and has a surprise for his unsuspecting partner…


Instead of throwing the second kick as a leg kick, he folds the leg at the knee. This loads the front kick, as he passes the shin block (check) of his opponent. Now unloading with hips and leg muscles Saenchai kicks directly to the diaphragm of his partner. Pushing them back and hopefully wearing on their endurance.

Ready for more creative combos? Click Learn More!


The last piece of advice is crucial if a fighter wishes to continue to make good pressure on their opponent. After the kick the leg needs to land in the front position. This will change a fighters stance so it is important to practice punches from both stances.

The consequence of pulling your foot behind you is two fold. One it will inherently take power off the kick when the body begins to pull the leg towards the rear. The second is in the same nature as the first, when that power is taken out of the kick it has to go somewhere which will pull you off balance.

In all striking arts balance is one of the key components, the great Vasyl Lomachenko credits his movement to his father putting him in Russian Ballet for several years. If you are not familiar Ballet dancers have arguably the best balance of any athlete on the planet.

Having won the admiration of fans all over the world with his high energy fighting style he is getting older. Now at the age of 40 Saenchai has his own gym and is developing some of the best Thai fighters in the world.

Names like Singdam, Manachai just to name a few of the champions he has produced. Now for the first time ever he has taken the time to create an instructional series on his spectacular flavor of Muay Thai.

That same flavor that is highlighted with the handstand kicks is also based in solid Muay Thai Fundamentals. Things like clinch work. Everyone can grab a head and throw a knee, but every other person knows how to block it. The set up is what makes Saenchai and his fighters so successful.

Deceiving combos that play with the mind of the other fighter. Much like the kicking combo shown previously Saenchai does it with his hands as well. He truly is a master of baiting the reaction he wants to land the shot the other guy didn’t see coming.

Why not take some time and learn from the best to ever do it? A living legend that with one more win will have three hundred pro victories. I ask you to look anywhere around the world and find a fighter in any combat sport with that many victories.

Check out his unique approach to clinching in Muay Thai, and how he links his combinations together. This is not just a left, right, hook ,and kick set up. It is High level combinations and ways to set up effective striking opportunities both while standing and in the clinch.

Combinations and Clinch Work by Saenchai

Learn to attack with all eight Muay Thai Weapons in a practical and effective way. Check out the instructional, available NOW!