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Slip Outside The Jab into a Right Hook to The Body With Duane Bang Ludwig

Slip Outside The Jab into a Right Hook to The Body With Duane Bang Ludwig

Evading the jab to throw a right hook to the body is a great technique used by many great fighters. Here Duane"Bang" Ludwig demonstrates throwing a right hook to the body/spleen after slipping and stepping away from the jab. Great boxers like Sugar Ray Robinson, Henry Armstrong and the great Roberto Duran have used this counterpunch to the body exclusively throughout their careers. Andre Ward has used this in his retirement fight with Kovalev with great success. 

This is a great counter as the opponent steps in with a jab and fails to hit the target and they use their own force to get hit hard by a body shot as they are coming in with their whole bodyweight behind the jab. Here in this video world renowned MMA coach Duane Bang Ludwig demonstrates two variations using his feet to evade the jab and leaves the body underneath open. One where he steps inside the other where he steps sideways.


Jab Counter To The Spleen

Coach Duane says you start by forcing your opponent to make a mistake and forcing them to jab. Duane Ludwig prefers and likes to step inside and once he is loaded on his right hip there is the spleen attack completely open. He likes the lead foot step in because he likes to be close. You could step with the right foot also and go outside the jab and go straight right with your foot which will also open the spleen for a right body hook and aim to put the opponent on their heels which is a great trajectory for that punch and puts the opponent off balance. 

Glove On Glove Drilling

So what Duane Ludwig likes his students to do is to have an open hand and have it on their spleen and act as a pad. When the opponent  jabs you step in with the lead foot, or step out with the rear foot whichever you prefer or feels more open and comfortable. The reason he likes pad on pad or glove on glove is because his student can hit as hard as he likes to hit now. Duane believes you should get to train how you should train, how you should spar and how you should fight.

 Everything you do has to translate. Unless you have a body protector, use the pads on pads method. You don't have to be tough, or train to be tough.  You can practice punching half the power especially if you have a training partner that hits hard. And you can learn to take that shot. And develop the body conditioning for it but that's not the purpose of this drill which is power punching not body conditioning. So if they are going full power Duane doesn't recommend using the body conditioning drill.  In this drill he would like his student to hit as hard as he can so make sure it's pad on pad.

Technique Summary

  • Step in or sideways when anticipating the Jab
  • Load in your right hip in order to shoot right away
  • Use glove on glove drilling to use proper power

Ludwig’s Instructional

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