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The 5 Senses Of Fighting With Henry Cejudo

The 5 Senses Of Fighting With Henry Cejudo

Fighting is stressful and for a lot of newer comppetitors it can be hard to settle down and get a sense for it all at the moment. In a fight the adrenaline kicks in and you’re fighting off of pure instinct. While this might be a good thing to do some of the time, being able to actually be conscious during a fight and in control of your mind and your body is important and better overall. 

There’s been a pretty large rise in the overall interest and emphasis that has been put on sports psychology. Coaches want to know more about it to help their fighters improve and fighters want to learn more about it to help maintain confidence in a fight. There are also a ton of athletes, coaches and analysts that say the fight game is anywhere from 50 percent to even like 90 percent mental. That just goes to show how much weight is put on this aspect of fighting that a ton of athletes, both professional and amateur, tend to look over. 

This is why even a little bit of mental coach can go a long way. To show you how to properly train your mentality, it’s important to have someone who has some real first hand experience with using mental training in combat sports to show you how they break it down and systemize it. Well there is nobody more confident in the world than Triple C Henry Cejudo and we have him here to talk about how he has systemized the senses of fighting to help himself in his sport.

In this video, Henry Cejudo breaks down what he calls the 5 senses of fighting, what they mean and how he uses them. Henry Cejudo is, in his own words, the greatest combat sports athlete of all time and it’s pretty hard to argue against him on that point. Not only did Henry Cejudo manage to hold both the UFC Flyweight and Bantamweight title at the same time and defend both belts, he also became an Olympic gold medalist in Freestyle wrestling at the 2008 Olympics. This makes him the only UFC athlete to ever win a title, let alone two, and hold a gold medal. With that said we are going to see how Henry applied his gold medal wrestling skills to MMA. 

The Five Senses Of Fighting With Henry Cejudo 


The video starts with Cejudo talking about what are his 5 senses of fighting. The 5 are Attack, Counter Attack, Anticipate, Feel and Take Risks. He then talks about how while all fighters have these 5 senses, usually they have one or two of them that they gravitate towards and are gifted with. 

Cejudo then describes what each of the five senses are. Attack is when you're offensive and the first one to strike or attack in any way. Counter Attack is pretty straight forward. The ability to counter attack is a gift because you can attack the attacker that was previously mentioned. Anticipate is the moment right before the counter attack and Cejudo considers this sense to be a gift. The Anticipate sense lets you attack at the slightest movement that your opponent makes. When you see those small little movements, like a wrist flick or a twitch, you are able to attack before your opponent moves. 

Feel is the sense that Cejudo says he is best at. It could be feeling something physically or getting a feel for things like distances and timing. The last one is the one that Cejudo says is probably the most important, that being Taking Risks. This is because you need to be taking risks, not even calculated ones, more dangerous ones, as in those risks, glory awaits. 

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