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The Classic Hook To Low Kick With Duane Ludwig

The Classic Hook To Low Kick With Duane Ludwig

Something that a lot of newer practitioners of Kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA hear is that you should set up your punches with kicks. This is because for the most part, kicks are big motions that your opponent will be able to see coming and defend against accordingly. 

So punching before you kick becomes one of the most sure fire ways to help make sure that your opponent can’t see them coming before it’s too late. Punches will not only hurt your opponent if they land, but they will also get your opponent to think that you’re only punching. 

Punches will also occupy your opponent’s vision and make it literally harder for them to see your kick coming. 

There is one short, sweet and classic combination that has been used by Kickboxers and Muay Thai fighters alike for decades. Luckily, we have one of the best Kickboxers and MMA strikers to show you this combination.

In this video Duane “Bang” Ludwig goes over how to use the lead hook to rear low kick combination with, at the time of writing, current Bellator Bantamweight Champion Juan Archuleta.

Who Is Duane “Bang” Ludwig?

Duane “Bang” Ludwig is a former UFC fighter and current MMA coach who is known for his eccentric style both in and outside of the ring. He actually held the record for fastest UFC knockout with a win in 6 seconds of a fight before that record was overtaken by Jorge Masvidal with the flying knee heard around the world. Duane Ludwig has worked with a ton of great fighters like Joseph Benavidez and former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw. 

The Classic Hook To Low Kick Combination 


The video starts off with Coach Ludwig talking about how the hook low kick combination is one of the most basic combinations in kickboxing. Duane has Juan demonstrate how you can throw this combination from space. 

Since the hook is a more close range punch, you will need to hop into range. Make sure that you hop to the outside, aka to the side of the arm that you are hooking with. This will keep you safe from counter attacks. 

You also can land the hook with the palm of your hand instead of the knuckles because landing the hook in this combination isn’t really important, it’s all about landing the hook to set up the leg kick.

Laning the hook will get your opponent heavy on their lead leg, if they are in orthodox. This will make it  next to impossible for them to move their leg to either dodge or block the kick. This is why the lead hook is frequently used to set up the rear low kick. 

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