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The Importance Of The Double Jab In Striking By Daniel Woirin

The Importance Of The Double Jab In Striking By Daniel Woirin

Nowadays in Mixed Martial Arts fighters will often throw kicks after a jab, the main problem with this is when you throw a jab, your opponent often steps backwards to evade the punch. This makes it hard for you to follow up with your leg kick, as you end up reaching too much and either missing or hurting your foot. 

We see this all the time in the UFC, a fighter throws a jab and then a leg kick but he winds up landing his foot on the thigh. To execute a good leg kick you need to be close enough so you can land your shin with power on your opponent's thigh. Getting close enough to your opponent to land a good leg attack can prove extremely hard and put you in significant danger.

There is a very important technique according to Daniel Woirin and that is the double jab, which can set up a really good leg kick or other various attacks. When you throw a jab your opponent will step back, but when you throw the double jab your opponent’s second step backwards is far shorter than the first. This puts your opponent in a really good position for you to open them up with a hard leg kick or body shot.

That's why we have brought in Daniel Woirin to show us his thoughts behind the importance of utilising the double jab to execute further strikes.

Who Is Daniel Woirin?

Daniel Woirin is one of the striking coaches at Black House Gym and has helped some of the greatest UFC fighters to date including Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort and Dan henderson. Daniel Woirin has adapted his wrestling and striking together to make his coaching a better blend for MMA!

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Check Out Daniel Woirin’s Double Jab Entry To The Kick!

In this video Daniel talks about how fighters are overreaching with their leg kicks, this always happens after a one jab setup. He explains how his double jab leaves the opponent in a closer position so you can execute a much better leg kick or even a body shot.

He talks about a proper boxing jab and how you must retract your arm at the end of each punch. In this video he breaks those rules by explaining that your first jab only retracts halfway back before you fire off the second jab. This will catch your opponent by surprise and as he is trying to defend you can throw a really heavy leg or middle kick.

This is a great technique to use so you can get better bang for your buck, you want to win your fight using as little energy as possible. A quick double jab can be perfect in setting up these other harder attacks and will even give you an opportunity to then shoot in for a takedown if you want.

Be sure to remember that when you throw your first jab it is really a small movement forward, followed by your second jab which has a longer step forward into your opponent. This is how you close that distance enough to land a measured and heavy leg kick.

Now you can see the benefits to utilising the double jab, make sure you practise this at your gym and prepare yourself to bolster your striking intelligence! 

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