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The Proper Postion To Kick With Buakaw Banchamek

The Proper Postion To Kick With Buakaw Banchamek

Have you ever been in a situation where every time you threw a strike, let’s just say a kick, your opponent was able to move out of the way and avoid it completely. This is pretty annoying and it might be tempting to think that your opponent is able to dodge you because they are just flat out better than you. 

The thing is that this might not be the case, you might just be choosing a bad time to kick. That’s why being in a good position against your opponent and having good ringcraft can help you a lot. 

Having good ringcraft means that you have the ability to take control of the space in the ring and cut off your opponent using the ring. It also means that you have the skill to escape from a bad situation, like being on the ropes.

Being able to cut off the ring on your opponent will mean that they will literally not be able to dodge your strikes. So that’s why we have brought in one of the best Muay Thai fighters and kickboxers in history to show you how it’s done.  

In this video, Buakaw Banchamek goes over how you can use good ringcraft and positioning to land kicks. 

Who Is Buakaw Banchamek 

Buakaw Banchamek is one of, if not the most successful Muay Thai fighter to enter the world of kickboxing to date. He made his debut in K-1 World MAX 2004 World Tournament Open as an alternate for someone else. He then went on to beat legendary names like John Wayne Parr and Masato to become the tournament's dark horse and champion. From there he went on to amass an amazing record of 239 Wins, 24 losses and 12 draws. 

Landing Kicks With Ring Control 


The video starts off with Buakaw talking about the importance of being in a proper stance when you’re fighting. You need to be able to keep your stance when you're moving, so that you don’t need to constantly reset yourself when you want to strike or defend. 

Buakaw then goes on to talk about range and how it’s important to be in the right range when you want to strike. If you kick from too far away, then you’ll miss or your opponent will see it come and dodge. 

This is why Buakaw says he likes to cut off the ring before he throws kicks. Buakaw likes to get his opponent’s back against the ropes, this way the opponent has to take the kick. Even if they block the kick, they are still getting hit with something. 

If you have your opponent moving along the ropes, they can do nothing when it comes to defending against your kicks, at least fully. You can also use your kicks to stop your opponent moving and follow up with more strikes from there. 

Just make sure that when your opponent is moving to your right, you cut them off with a right kick. When your opponent is going to your left, make sure that you use your left kick to stop them. 

If you use the wrong kick your opponent will be able to escape from the ropes. 

You also need to make sure that you’re in a good position to kick. This means being on your toes before throwing to get as much speed and power in your kick as possible. Being on your toes also means that you will be able to react faster and kick when you need to, not a second later.

Learn More From Buakaw Banchamek 

Authentic Muay Thai Striking by Buakaw Banchamek

If you like this technique breakdown and want to learn more from the legendary Buakaw Banchamek, then you can check out his complete video series “Authentic Muay Thai Fighting by Buakaw Banchamek” available exclusively on Dynamic Striking!