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The Right Way To Win Muay Thai Fights With Jean Charles Skarbowsky

The Right Way To Win Muay Thai Fights With Jean Charles Skarbowsky


In Muay Thai composure is everything, it is so important because of the many vicious strikes allowed in Muay Thai, any little mistake and your health or fight can be in danger.

Knees, elbows, shins, Punches all of those are weapons available in a fight, this is why we cannot force anything. To happen in Muay Thai, it is easy to be caught in any of them, we must keep it slow and technical until the opening is there, and only then we will commit with our strikes. 

But many fighters don’t understand that and try to force a win by knockout no matter the cost. In doing so they waste their energy on something that is unlikely to happen and can only make them predictable and easy to counter. 

This is why we don’t wanna be tense in Muay Thai we aim to be loose and relaxed, this is the only way we can use our eyes to decide our actions until we find the opening that finishes the fight.

In this video, Jean Charles is going to show us why being composed is so essential in Muay Thai and how he developed the skills needed to fight on the highest levels.


Who Is Jean Charles Skarbowsky?

Jean Charles made a name for himself when GSP brought him as a coach on the ultimate fighter. He was seen as the crazy guy with incredible Muay Thai skills, but Jean Charles is a lot more than just a crazy fighter he was a great fighter back in the day fighting in the lucrative Muay Thai stadiums. Nowadays Jean helps many athletes become better at Muay Thai.

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How To Keep Your Composure In Muay Thai

Jean begins the video by telling us that in Thailand many of the foreign fighters are only able to win by using a lot of power, energy, and punches, but this is not a successful strategy as many of them are struggling to get in range with the Thai’s because they are much better at the kicking distance, so they just waste their energy being tense and aggressive without really doing much.


Jean gives us the example of his 5 matches against the native Muay Thai fighter Khunsuk Petchsupaparn.

In this fight Jean noticed that he is not able to block any of the kicks thrown at him, he was raising his blocks but still the kicks would come over his knee and hit his arms.


This is where Jean realized he wasn’t in a good Muay Thai stance as he was putting too much weight on his back foot because he wanted to Punch harder like many other foreigners, but In Muay Thai the correct stance requires us to put weight on the front leg instead, this allows us to raise our blocks without too much effort.


Now Jean explains that this is why the foreigners are losing to the Thai’s! They are too tense-looking staying on the back leg, while the native fighters are breaking their body from a distance with a kick.


Jean’s advice to us is to never try and knock the opponent out, this will make us predictable and lead the opponent to trick us into his attacks. Remember when we are punching we are also open to counters and we can also get elbowed in the face which will cut us and make the fight even harder.


The right way to win in Muay Thai is to just score points and let the other guy make the mistakes so when he makes a mistake you can catch him and make him pay. This is the correct path to victory so never lose your composure and stick to the plan.


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