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The Scissor Leg Takedown By The Machida Brothers

The Scissor Leg Takedown By The Machida Brothers

Initiating the Scissor Leg Takedown can be a great way to get the fight to the ground in MMA or Jiu Jitsu. There are a few factors at play when you are attempting to execute this maneuver. 

The first is identifying your opponent's stance and then applying your stance in the correct way so you can successfully achieve this throw. Using punches and kicks to distract your opponent will give you an opportunity to set up this style of takedown.

The Scissor Leg Takedown, or in this video The Scissor Throw is not a common maneuver used in combat sports, because of its degree of difficulty. It is a takedown that gives your opponent a moment where you are susceptible to a head kick. Successfully hitting this takedown heavily relies upon you to distract your opponent with strikes, and it must be executed swiftly as to minimise the risk factor involved. 

This maneuver is one for the highlight reels and was made famous by the Strikeforce and Kickboxing legend Cung Lee. The Scissor Leg Throw has a dynamic element to it, as you can hit this takedown at high velocity and transition straight into Heel Hooks, Kneebars, Toeholds and various strikes like a dangerous heel kick. 

That's why we have brought you two of the best in the business in the Machida brothers, to show you how to set up and properly execute this takedown.In this video the Machida brothers show you how to set up the Scissor Throw by utilising the correct stance, distracting your opponent with strikes in order to execute this takedown. 

Who Are The Machida Brothers?  

The Machida brothers are professional Mixed Martial Artists, they grew up in Salvador,Brazil and have a background in Shotokan Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and Sumo. Chinzo is a featherweight MMA fighter with 4 KO’s in his 5 wins. Lyoto is a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and is also currently on Bellator’s roster where he is ranked #6 in the Light Heavyweight rankings, boasting an MMA record of 26 wins with 10 losses.

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Setting Up The Scissor Leg Takedown


Chinzo starts this video off by explaining the orthodox fighting stance and how to start engaging your opponent. He then talks about throwing some strikes and kicks in order to switch his stance to a southpaw position. To execute this takedown a southpaw stance is needed. This allows you to place your back leg behind your opponent so you can easily throw your front leg in front of your opponent. Making this an easier transition into this takedown.

Remember that once you are in your southpaw stance you must throw strikes like a lead cross, the reason for this is so you can get close enough to grab your opponent’s hand. This is the first step towards breaking your opponent's balance.

Let’s Break Down This Technique!

  1. Engage your opponent in an orthodox stance, throw some punch and kick combinations
  2. Switch your stance to a southpaw position
  3. Throw more punch combinations to distract your opponent
  4. As you pull back on your last punch grab hold of your opponents glove or hand
  5. Place your other hand on the mat and cross your back leg behind your opponents legs
  6. Jump your front leg to the front of your opponents hips while trapping the back of your opponents knees with your back leg
  7. Twist your body to make your opponent fall to the mat
  8. Now you can finish your opponent off with heel strikes or transition into a Heel Hook, Kneebar, Toehold or a dominating position like side control

Now that you understand this technique, you can drill it until you master this takedown and then you will be finishing off your opponents with your own highlight reels!. 

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