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Unique Muay Thai with "The Gunslinger" John Wayne Parr

Unique Muay Thai with "The Gunslinger" John Wayne Parr

In Australia it seems like everything can kill you. Between the Saltwater Crocodiles, Funnel Web Spiders, Irukandji Jellyfish and a giant turkey mixed with a velociraptor called a Cassowary there is danger around every corner. Just because you are not in the bush doesn't mean you are safe, there are some true predators running around the cities of Australia. 

In the grappling world guys like Lachlan Giles and his student Craig Jones are both in the top ten submission artist in the world, if they get a hold of you your fate would be almost identical as if you met a Croc. 

What makes those men so scary is how friendly they are, the good news is neither of them have been known to throw a punch. 

Not all of Australia’s dangerous men are grapplers. Some are fighters that have earned their name in blood. With some of the most vicious fights you have ever  seen when you meet them you would never know because of their infectious smile and bright personality. 

John Wayne Parr is exactly like that. The man has been in over 100 pro Muay Thai Fights, beated the breaks off the best in the world in a manner so vicious you would think he lived like a savage. 

Yet John is the exact opposite. He is atypically Australian. Kind heart, big smile and full of passion for what he does. Right now Mr. Parr is running his Gym in Australia and his passion for teaching has the same energy as when he was fighting for titles. 

John spent many years in Thailand. He fought in the stadiums and lived in their culture. Yet JWP said that he Idolized the Diamond Dutchman Ramone Dekker. JWP Style was savage and he was called “The Gunslinger”. 

Everything he does John seems to approach with a different flair. This includes his training methods. Something as simple as push ups John  does normal Push ups, Wide Arm and his favorite Diamond Pushups.

Check out how he executes the Diamond. 


Look at how JWP keeps his elbows tight and uses the full range of his arms. Focusing his effort with this exercise sole on his triceps. Obviously this increases hand speed and punching strength but is solely a supplementary to other arm workouts. 

It is not just his push ups that are approached in a unique way. John’s approach to partner drills may seem to be too In depth. JWP performs drills from a neutral position then drills how to get into a clinch or striking position. 

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Most gyms will show knees from an already established clinch. This seems impractical, to drill from a position that you may or may not know how to enter safely. The gunslinger does not waste an opportunity for drilling any portion of a fight. 

Look how John Wayne drills throwing a knee from the outside. John makes a point to show foot positions' crucial role in throwing this type of knee. John also utilizes a straight left that hangs in his partners face to blind them to the incoming shots. 

Look at how easy it is to land that knee to the solar plexus while stepping forward and winding his body for power. 


Hope your partner has a good set of abs or that is gonna sting as well as making it hard to breathe for a minute or five. 

John Wayne Parr is a Legend, Multiple time Muay Thai World Champion from Thailand to Japan to Europe the gunslinger has been known as one of the best Thai fighters in the world.

He has been sought out by the biggest names in MMA. During George St.Pierre’s reign he came to John Wayne for Muay Thai help. Not because GSP didn't have other options, but rather because John Wayne’s style is uniquely different in its approach. 

John has been teaching for a long time and has now outlined what makes his style unique. The instructional contains four parts. Full of technique and drills to implement the techniques with. 

The Aussie Formula: Kickboxing Fundamentals by John Wayne Parr

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